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Five Brooks Stable

8001 State Route One, Olema, CA 94950

(415) 663-1570

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Smitha830 04-27-18 04:00:14
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Noelle, east bay CA 03-25-18 11:15:57
This review is long overdue, I went to five brooks ranch for my birthday 12/28/17. I must say this experience was epic. I called a few days before to inquire about the guided tour to alamere falls. The staff was quite helpful. I had gone horseback riding on the beach a few years before in San Diego, I must say this trip made the San Diego one very forgetful. My sister and two cousins went with me, we either hadn't ever been on a horse or hadn't ridden one in a few years. Our tour guide, Dave, took his time to make sure we were all comfortable with our horses and taught us the basics of riding. Once we got comfortable we hit the trail. This is where the epicness started. Since there were only 4 of us in the group, Dave took us on a super scenic trail. Everything was beautiful. For a winters day the weather was perfect and the views were amazing. He told us great stories along the way, and took the time to get to know each of us. We got to learn there difference between a walk, trot and canter. It was 100% amazing. My horse, Cody, was very easy to work with. He followed all of the commands quite well. To see the ocean peaking out through the trees was so beautiful. It reminded me of the ending of the series Godless, which I brought up. That sparked a great conversation with Dave about the show and other cowboy shows that we've seen. Halfway through we stopped for a photo op on the trail with the ocean as the background. My most favorite part was when we made it to the beach and arrived at alamere falls. Beach goers stopped everything they were doing and started taking photos of us approaching on horses. A drone even followed us for a bit, I hope whoever was flying it got great shots! Once we finished up at the beach we headed back to the picnic area and had a great lunch. The ride back to the stables was just as great. The views are beautiful. This was certainly a birthday to remember. I honestly can't wait to go back and expose more friends and family to this place. The staff was awesome and very friendly. And our tour guide Dave was seriously the best. I can't praise him enough. I'd give more stars if I was able to. I had a blast!
lori h. napa ca 07-19-17 07:00:14
Took our two oldest grandchildren riding, our 3rd or 4th time. "Dev" was great!!!! The kids love to trot and she was more than willing. Took a nice ride through the woods. Would recommend Five Brooks anytime.
Debbie, East Bay, CA 07-18-17 02:58:41
Great ride! Dave is a great guide. It was like a mini lesson for my 2 nephews who have only ridden rental horses. We did quite a bit of jogging and loping on the 3 hr glen trail ride and had a blast. Dave put me on the perfect horse, Mexico, who was well behaved when I didn't feel like joining the lope and the others went off. Got lucky with perfect weather, too.
Kelli Parnall 07-11-17 05:12:48
All the staff were welcoming and helpful. My two daughters, 7 and 12, loved the trail ride-- one hour, and they could have gone longer. Both had had a few lessons during several summers and in the last year had ridden a couple of times. The 7 year old was still initially hesitant once on the horse. The 12 year old was comfortable, and pleased that staff recognized it.
Helen C 07-09-17 08:11:57
Our family of 3 enjoyed our 2 hour Fir Top ride! The horses are well cared for and the trail is beautiful. The staff was exceptionally honest and went out of their way to remind us that we had paid via booking online and did not need to pay at the ranch. The guide pointed out osprey nests and points of interest to our group along the way, and was very competent with the horses. She dealt with some wayward horse behavior in a firm but supportive manner. The only thing that kept this from being 5 stars was the guide's sometime brusque manner, which may have been accentuated at the end of a long hot day.
Kim, Simpsonville SC 07-05-17 08:17:04
Our family did the 2 hour Fir Woods trail ride with David and had an awesome time. He was great with our girls (7 & 11) He took time out to get pictures and video of us together to make for a very memorable time. We loved out time at Five Brooks Ranch.
Rikki, SF, CA 05-18-17 04:09:32
My Mom and I had a wonderful time celebrating her 70th birthday on a trail ride with David. My Mom has been riding since she was 3 years old and she would rather do that than pretty much any thing else. I used to rise when I was a kid but have only been on a horse a handful of times since then. David was an excellent, patient and entertaining guide. The horses were obviously well cared-for and responsive. And the trails were absolutely gorgeous. A memorable time, for sure!
Julie Harper 04-06-17 03:06:52
My family and I had a great experience at five brooks ranch. We went on a 3 hour ride with 3 young kids and our tour guy Dave was patient and so helpful. The scenery is amazing and our guide stopped all the time to make sure everyrhing was ok. Definately the best spring break adventure for my kids. Thank you
Christina Cabral, Santa Rosa, CA 01-25-17 12:23:43
I absolutely LOVE this place! I have been on the 2-hour trail ride four times now, and I fall in love with the area even more each time I go back. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone! The prices are outstanding, the staff is great, and the grounds are beautiful. Can't say enough good things about the lovely horses, either. I've taken my fiance, and all of my friends. My fiance was a little nervous, but ended up having a blast. I will return!
Jeff, San Ramon, Ca. 01-02-17 05:13:48
My family (4 of us) took the 2 hour ride a few days ago and loved it. Our guide was fantastic and we were able to both trot and gallop a little even though we were all very beginning riders. I would highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch.
Laurel H., New Haven, Connecticut 12-30-16 03:42:11
My husband and I had a wonderful time here. We took the Fir Top Trail, and while there weren't too many overlooks with big scenic views, the forest we rode through was lush and gorgeous. Our reservations were handled with ease, and the staff was super friendly! One thing that worried me though was that the horse I was given was very old and slow (her name is Harley), and had some trouble keeping up with the group (also I probably wasn't very good at pushing her to go faster). She constantly was panting and coughing, and I was quite worried for her. My husband and I are beginners, so one other issue was that we were wholly unprepared for how painful and physically demanding trotting the horses would be. I was just expecting a leisurely slow walk, and while we did that most of the time, we did about a dozen bursts of trotting during the ride, and as the trail went on, me and my husband learned to dread whenever our guide started trotting. I also sort of wish they had prepared us to trot before we set out on the trail, instead of suddenly asking 10 minutes into the ride if we were ready to try trotting. None of us knew what we were doing, and the first time our entire group tried, one of the other guests almost bounced out of the saddle. Our guide then explained that we needed to brace ourselves by standing up a bit in the stirrups, and that helped some. I just felt since everyone in our group was beginners that it would been nice if the guide had told us what to do before she had us try it. Other than that, it was a great experience.
Klara June, Singapore 12-14-16 04:03:01
Did the Fir Top Trail, Glen Trail & Wildcat Beach Ride & I say each of the 3 days was my best riding experience ever! My guides, Spencer & David are superb!!! Spencer is a nice & gentle guide while David is not just a guide but an instructor to me! He shared horse riding tips with me which helped me gain confidence in those rides & ever encouraging! He never compromised safety while doing his best to give me as much riding fun as possible! David made my riding experience with Five Brooks beyond my expectation! Also, the horses are well cared for & great horses to ride on! So loved them! 2 thumbs up for David & all staff @ Five Brooks! Overall, riding @ Five Brooks made my travel from Singapore to the States a worthy one!
Virginia C., Columbus GA 11-24-16 01:30:52
This was the best trail ride I have ever been on, by far. I am an experienced rider and expected to plod along for two hours. But, because our group had some riding experience, our guide Dave would yell "rock and roll" and allow us to jog, lope, and even gallop frequently. It was a blast! I highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch.
Allison, SF, CA 11-12-16 07:02:43
Started With the toilets - very smelly . Staff not overly friendly , especially our guide - a woman, I think her name was Lisa. Very bossy , seemed grumpy . Felt more stressed on the ride because of her. Would not recommend your place to others.
Ellie F. Harrisburg, PA 10-28-16 07:52:39
We had booked a two hour ride on the Fir Top Trail, but were told as we were mounted and heading out that it was inaccessible. Instead the guide, Spencer, led us up an improved park road for an hour and then we turned around and rode for an hour back down to the stable with a 5 minute detour into a meadow. We were disappointed in that we were expecting a real trail, views and an experience that you can't get on foot. Overall, disappointing. It was a very beautiful morning, however and the forest was very aromatic.
Anna A 10-26-16 10:31:13
My family surprised me with the 3 hour horse ride for my 60th birthday, first time ever riding for me. We all went, I got Tornado, so my legs were shaking, you could tell, as they helped me to get on the saddle. But to my surprise I got so comfortable into the first 8 minute or so, if I had done this before. Our guide was very friendly, I learned quite a few things about horses, the trail has nice scenery, and I want to go back, so (: (: thank you Five Brooks Ranch :) :)
Gary and Cindy, Carmel, IN 10-07-16 10:25:17
Bucket list quality ride. By far the best horse riding experience ever. We booked a private, 2-hour ride with Cowboy David who made the excursion special from beginning to end. This was no 'zombie' ride. Full of fun and adventure. We will definitely be back!
Michelle San Francisco, CA 09-01-16 01:32:57
This was the absolute best trail ride I have ever experienced!!! Hands down the best! Dave was our trail guide and he assessed our abilities at the start of the ride, then tailored the ride so that we all had a fun, exhilarating ride that fit our riding skills. We will definitely return!! Thanks Dave and Five Brooks and thank you to my frisky little mare, Dixie!
Debbie H, San Francisco, CA 08-22-16 03:03:06
My 7 year old daughter, her 8 year old friend and my 10 year old son rode the Stewart Trail with Spencer, who is so great and friendly, especially with my beginner kids who were a unsure at first. At the end, all 3 were yelling to come back to do the 2 or 3 or 6 hour ride next time! Beautiful trail and a wonderful guide - thank you!
Winona M. 08-13-16 10:25:51
My younger daughter and her friend rode two days in a row. They loved the horses and the trail rides. The horses are beautiful and well kept. It is clear the staff and owners love them. The girls had a blast and we hope to return soon.
Daniel | Chicago, Illinois 08-03-16 09:19:06
The view is beautiful! The price is worth it, and reasonable, as well. I would definitely continue to pay them visits.
Mark, San Rafael, CA 07-22-16 09:34:31
My two daughters and I have been on several two hour rides at Five Brooks over the past few years. I don't think we've ever had the same guide. Jocelyn was our guide for the 2-hour private ride. Typically, I haven't wanted to spend the extra money for a private ride. This time, though, I wanted to ensure that we could do more trotting and cantering. When you are in a non-private ride, there may be people with varying levels of comfort and ability with trotting and cantering. We are beginning riders. Jocelyn gave us a lot of tips about riding, which I haven't really gotten in the past. This was another fabulous ride through gorgeous West Marin forests.
Beth, Oakland CA 07-22-16 07:41:42
Had a lovely private ride with Spencer, perfect day, gorgeous scenery not a trace of civilization, lots of collected lopes - I will definitely be returning for more!
Desirae, Alameda CA. 07-18-16 11:31:39
We booked a private ride and it was great! (2 hour ride) Carol (our guide) was fantastic!! She adapted the ride to our riding experience which exceeded my expectations. She made us feel welcome and gave my nephew (a beginner) good precise instruction. The trail was well kept and the horses appear to be well taken care of, which is very important to me when I look for places to ride. I will definitely return!!
Angela Grass Valley 07-11-16 10:15:35
My husband and I spent the weekend At the Olema campground with our two-year-old granddaughter. We saw the advertisement for horse rides and bought a ticket. We were so impressed with the quality of service and professionalism from the ladies facilitating the rides. They provided safety instructions and some basic horsemanship lessons to each young rider. We were very impressed with the care, encouragement and attention given to our grand daughter. Thank you for the time, effort and resources you invest bringing your horses to the campground. The line for rides extended throughout the day and children who otherwise may never be exposed to riding had an amazing experience!
Klara 07-11-16 05:43:22
Hello, I am not writing a review instead I need help with a query on riding with fivebrooks. Is there an email I can write to?
Megan B., Sacramento, CA 07-08-16 03:55:56
My 8 year old and I had a really nice time on the Stewart Trail ride. He rode Willy and I rode Jesse. Our trail guide Jocelyn was relaxed and helped us feel at ease. At one point my horse stopped to eat grass on the side of the trail. I told Jocelyn I was afraid to pull on the reins and take charge. She told me that was exactly what I needed to do and that the horse would respond better to me if I showed who was boss. My 8 year old says he wants to go again! We both had a great experience. Thanks so much!
Edd P./Jen C. Austin, TX 07-08-16 08:16:48
Great experience, my fiance has years of experience and I had none. Very professional from start to end. Amazing ride on Fir Top Trail for two hours, so beautiful. Dave is a great guide, and everything went great. Lots of instruction, plus they took photos of us with our own phones which is a nice touch. Highly recommended.
Marisa, Sacramento, CA 06-27-16 02:02:26
Purchased a private 2 hour ride for myself and my Dad as a Father's Day present when he was visiting from Boston, MA. We own horses back east and both grew up riding. Cowboy Dave took the two of us out and we had a blast! He was full of stories and insight on the beautiful scenery on the trails, as well as tales from his cattle work and other horse training escapades. Knowing a little bit about our prior riding experience and our comfort levels, Dave expertly tailored the pace of the ride to us, making for a truly excellent trail riding experience! I'll be bringing back other out of town visitors and friends for sure!
Rob and Rebecca, Rock Springs, WY 06-16-16 10:43:08
Hands down best ride money pay for. David was a great sport with our enthusiasm. It was the ride of a lifetime....through the redwood forest, along the waves of the beach, a picnic lunch, and to top it off a beautiful cascading waterfall. But the very best thing was David's flexibility in letting us break tradition and ride "outside of the box". This was not a nose to tail robotic horse ride. We blazed through the forest and along the beach. David allowed us the freedom to make our dreams come true. If you have the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.
Lou Ambrose 06-11-16 11:14:51
The staff is very friendly and made us feel welcome. Spencer was a great trail guide and the scenery is spectacular.
Ross Pappas, Walnut Creek, CA 05-31-16 12:39:01
It was quite easy to get an appointment for Memorial Day weekend given enough time to sign up, and when we got there things were quick and easy to get us on the horses and up to trotting speed. Had a great time. Lovely guide, and very well trained horses. After you can feed carrots and groom the horses as a reward to the horses and yourself for the wonderful scenic ride in the fur top trail. Special thanks to Jesse and Scout, the horses!
Colleen | San Rafael, CA 04-14-16 03:20:10
My friends and I treated my 7-year-old to a birthday trail ride. We had a great time. It was my daughter's first ride and she was given a perfect amount of instruction and attention as we prepped, mounted and then ambled up - and back down - a nearby fire road. Her horse, Tornando, thankfully, was the opposite of a tornado; providing her a calm, safe ride close behind the lead. Our leads were very focused on the safety and comfort of their guests. Ryan was even happy to adjust my daughter's sliding helmet and asked how the younger kids were doing frequently. I'd recommend that intermediate or advanced riders opt for a longer or more advanced ride but for beginners, the hour-long ride was perfect!
Albany R., Redding, CA 04-08-16 10:51:43
My husband and I and three of our children, ages 11 to 13, did the two hour Fir Top Trail Ride. It was so amazing. Our guide, Carol was very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. My husband had never ridden a horse before and loved the experience. Carol gives instruction perfectly and continually checked to make sure everyone felt comfortable and was having a good time. The horses were all very sweet and obedient as well. The trail was absolutely breathtaking with views in all directions. I would definitely recommend Five Brooks Ranch and we will definitely book another ride when we are in the area again!
Ann and Nolan S., Burlingame, CA 04-01-16 11:09:25
We had a fantastic 3 hr Glen Trail ride. I was a bit apprehensive, having been thrown from horses in the past, but Lisa took it nice and easy with myself and my 12 year old son. We saw such beautiful country through the woods of one of the most spectacular National parks! With the recent rains the forests were the greenest I've seen in years. Birds singing, osprey nests and ferns galore! It was magical! Thank you Five Brooks! WHAT A TREAT!
Diana & Tristan, Sonoma, CA 03-29-16 02:19:08
I reserved a last-minute 2-hour trail ride for myself and my son, and Five Brooks was able to accommodate us later that day. We were both beginners -- I had ridden a few times and my son was brand new to the sport. Though we booked a public ride, we ended up on a private ride, which worked out to be perfect, because we got some great training in addition to the beautiful ride! Thanks so much for the experience. We will definitely be back!
Tim Wade, Newark CA 03-27-16 01:24:23
We had such a great time with Lisa. We were beginners, but she got us trotting! Woo-hoo!
GregD, East Bay CA 02-16-16 03:11:41
They did an excellent job, especially with helping our youngest one--who hadn't ridden in a year--become comfortable again on a horse. Highly recommended
Elmira F. 01-15-16 10:03:20
My friend invited me to come out horsebackriding with him and his family. I agreed but didn't think we would have as much fun as we did - both the guides (David and Ryan) and the horses added a special touch to our two hour long beautiful afternoon in the woods. I had done trips like these before but they were boring in comparison to this horseback ride. The guides did an excellent job keeping us entertained and customized the ride/pace based on how we all did as a group. At all points I felt very safe but was challenged to have fun. We even did some galoping which was a blast! Highly recommend this company for a very pleasant fun outing!
Charlotte - The Horse Lab, Paris, France 08-28-15 10:59:12
My husband and I had a great ride with David on summer 2014! Sorry to be posting so late. We went on a very funny and sportive ride in the rainy forest. David was a great riding teacher to my husband. I am a riding teacher too, and I really appreciated his work. David let me ride his Quarter Horse Mexico at some time. Mexico was fantastic! I hope you and your horses are doing well. We hope to come back soon. And we definitely recommend Five Brooks Stable! Kind regards, Charlotte
caroline & eugene durenard 07-13-15 12:05:58
We did the fir top trail and it was magnificent! The horses are well kept and responsive. Our guide,Cowboy Dave, was not only entertaining and informative but without him taking the time to stop and point things out there were a lot of things we would have missed.,things are hard to spot if you don't have Dave's local knowledge! . He made a great excursion even better! The scenery is spectacular. Dave tailored our ride perfectly to our abilities so it was extremely fun and rewarding. Highly recommend this trail and Dave. Next time we will try an even longer one
Caroline & eugene durenard new york 07-12-15 10:54:50
We did the fir top trail and it was magnificent! The horses are well kept and responsive. Our guide,Cowboy Dave, was not only entertaining and informative but without him taking the time to stop and point things out there were a lot of things we would have missed.,things are hard to spot if you don't have Dave's local knowledge! . He made a great excursion even better! The scenery is spectacular. Dave tailored our ride perfectly to our abilities so it was extremely fun and rewarding. Highly recommend this trail and Dave. Next time we will try an even longer one!
Debbie G, Stockton CA 07-05-15 03:01:12
What a blast! The horses were perfect. The guide was wonderful. We had fantastic weather. We walked through the trees, and galloped on the beach. It doesn't get any better than this. Already scheduling our next ride! Thank you Five Brooks for a fun time!
Robbin, East Bay CA 05-12-15 04:56:53
I took my 2 daughters on a ride for Mother's Day. The horses are well kept and clean. Sarah was our guide and although I didn't get much time to converse with her (since my horse was on a slow pace), my daughter truly liked her. I highly recommend them to anyone with little to much experience. We will be back!
Maddy MIchel, San Rafael 04-28-15 06:46:36
I used to take lessons here a long time ago. The horse I rode was Bowie. I stopped taking lessons and tranfered to a more pro stable. When I came with my friend, almost everything changed. When I wanted to ask if I could ride English on the phone, (I know they had english saddles, i rode in one during my lessons) The person i was talking to said:NO. However, the ride was great, We were advanced riders and the guide let us trot prctically everywhere. Our horses were lazy, but the guide pulled up twigs to use as crops, (Small whips, they don't hurt the horse). When we came back my friend was happy and so was I!
Jaden Armstrong, Sacremento CA 10-20-14 06:46:53
Five Brooks is a wonderful place to board your horses or just to go on a fun ride. My best friend (Chantelle), her mom (Lola), and her moms best friend (Lesli), all boarded our horses their. It was a wonderful experience and they made it a lot better. Whenever we needed a little favor they helped us. Cowboy Dave was also a big help. He showed us fun trails and beautiful scenery that we couldn't find ourselves. We rented a horse once while we were there and the had him all ready to go when we came. Lisa did so much for us as well. We hope to come and board our horses there again because of the memories. They were amazing. We had such a great time! Thank you for the memories Five Brooks Ranch. (P.S. tell cowboy Dave lesli is thinking about him, haha)
Larry Thompson 09-30-14 03:48:50
September 23rd, 2014 Five Brooks Ranch, To Whom It May Concern: Each year the Marin County Fire Department sponsors a Firefighter Pancake Breakfast to help raise funds for the West Marin Disaster Council. This year?s breakfast will be the 27th annual fundraiser. The Council is a non-profit organization established after the disastrous 1982 floods that devastated West Marin. Its mission is to help the community better prepare themselves for future natural disasters and to provide emergency assistance to victims of these disasters. In the past, your company has been gracious enough to donate a raffle prize for our fundraiser. The date of our breakfast is October 26th, 2014. Our corporate tax-exempt ID number is 1657112. Please contact me regarding this request at the Marin County Fire Department (Point Reyes Station) 415-473-7699 or email me at larrythompson@marincounty.org Thank you for your consideration, Larry Thompson Engineer/ Paramedic Marin County Fire Department
Allyson Z, Michigan 08-14-14 03:51:52
Went on a private, 6 hour beach ride with my dad and sister, and couldn't have asked for a better experience! Carol was our guide and she was fantastic - very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. We very much enjoyed being able to canter through the forest and along the beach, and the ocean view during our break for lunch was amazing. Thank you so much for the experience! We'd love to come back in the future.
Kim L., Auburn, CA 08-13-14 04:08:51
I had ridden at Five Brooks almost 20 years ago and had a great time back then! This week I brought my children here for the first time. Cowboy Dave was our guide, and he made it worth every penny and more! I loved his "words of wisdom" for the kids and told him that he should run a summer camp especially for boys! Now when my 10 year old son gets "mouthy," I just say, "Cowboy Dave!" and he knows EXACTLY what I mean! My 8 year old daughter is a rider and had a blast on our ride. She was able to trot and canter which was more than she was able to do on a trail ride at another place. Cowboy Dave's tales about the woods and the scenery were fun as well. The horses were perfect, not so docile that they were boring but still well-mannered. I cannot say enough! My kids are STILL talking about the ride a week later! We are planning on coming back next month to celebrate my daughter's birthday here. Although there are beautiful places to ride where we live, there is nothing like the scenery and the fun at Five Brooks Stables!
Stacey Clemenceau 08-12-14 09:14:18
I took my two boys, aged 7 and 9, for their first trail ride here. First of all, note that the scenery in Point Reyes National Forest is just gorgeous. The location couldn't be better. We got matched to our horses and were in a group with another mother and her two young sons. Then down the trail came Dave, the trail guide. Dave made the ride a total success with his liveliness and true horsemanship. He gave instruction in a fun and direct way to the kids. He started right off with an introduction of how to trot and got us moving in the very beginning of the trip. My boys were not ready to do more than walk, and he totally respected that - he was flexible enough to take the other group trotting and cantering, but with me leading my boys at a walk and staying in sight of the other group. He was determined to lead us through the Enchanted Forest and the beautiful pasture and so our ride lasted almost two hours, even though it was a planned one hour ride. Luckily, we didn't have to get back for another group. I highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch for a wonderful riding experience. Riders actually have an opportunity to ride their horses, as opposed to staying nose to tail the whole trip. Thanks for a great introduction to riding for my sons!
Christina Petaluma, CA 08-05-14 06:48:01
I have been here twice. The first time, it was a fantastic experience. The second time...not so much. The first time I visited I was with a group of friends and our guide seemed to be caring, and knowledgeable. Being a beginner on a horse can be a bit nerve racking, and he understood that. He made accomodations along the way when he needed to, and ensured that our group always stayed fairly close together. However! The SECOND time was a completely differnet experience. My friends and I showed up 15 minutes prior to our appointment, only to wait another hour before we even left. Then, our ride was cut short! The guide was far ahead the entire ride, and did not talk to us at all. She rode too fast, did not provide any instruction, and didn't seem to care if we were enjoying ourselves or not. If I am going to pay good money to go trail riding, I want the experience to be a good one. I will not be going back to give my business to people who don't seem to care about their customers. Very unhappy with the way my second experience was handled. There are plenty of other places in the bay area to go trail riding, I'll be visiting one of those next time.
Nora P., Sebastopol, CA 07-21-14 03:05:19
David was our guide. He entertained us the entire time with stories and riding tips. He was incredibly energetic and helpful and caring. He stopped and showed us many beautiful highlights along the 2 hour ride. He shared his whole heart with us and my niece and I had the ride of our lives. I was afraid that it might be really boring but I had a thrilling ride - we both had very fit and obedient sweet, obedient horses. It is obvious that much love and care for both horses and visitors is standard practice at 5 Brooks and the 60 minute drive was extremely worth it and I can't wait to go again - I am so interested in the long hike to the beach ride! Thank you for the memorable experience with my 16 year old niece. I will cherish that day forever. Sincerely, Nora
Elisabet Ohlsson, Stockholm, Sweden 07-14-14 07:16:10
Me and my two daughters hade a really nice two hour trip with Dave. The group was fairly big (six) but it worked fine. The surroundings was very lush and beatiful. The horses seamed well kept and were stable but not without energy. Very nice to ride western, easier than english that we have done in Sweden. We all had a fun time.
Jan Galt, Ca 07-14-14 04:20:39
I went on the beach trip which I a pretty sure is 9 miles one way. It was a blast. Meet a guest from Ohio and her Aunt that were a joy to visit with while riding and of course the guide Cowboy Dave was terrific. Book your next trip with 5 brooks the staff is very friendly and the horses were great.
Jennmarie F., San Anselmo, CA 07-13-14 07:24:30
I brought my three children ages 7,8,9 for their first horseback experience. I thought my daughter age 8 would like it better than the two boys, but I was wrong. They all loved it! The guides were very friendly and made the children comfortable with their horses while they taught them the basics. They all want lessons and a horse of their own! A definite go to spot for horseback riding if you are in Marin.
Tammy L, Jacksonville, FL 07-04-14 07:26:25
My Husband and I brought our 2 daughters ages 6 and 8 for their first horseback ride. We did the 1hr ride which was a great first time for our girls. They loved it! We loved riding with them too. Our guide Dave, was great at making our girls feel very comfortable on their horse. When we are back in town visiting family, we will make this our spot again. My one daughter loved it so much.... she didn't want to leave!!!!
Roland C., San Rafael, CA 07-02-14 05:31:32
Neither my wife nor I had ridden for many years when we took the 2+ hour ride up FirTop trail. We were accompanied by our guide, and a mother with her son. We have nothing but praise for the way the guide, whose name we think is Lisa, handled getting us all matched with appropriate horses, giving us instruction, and entertaining us during the ride. We will certainly do it again and will request Lisa, though from what we understand there are several others who also come highly recommended.
Robert P. Pittsburg,Ca 06-18-14 10:50:07
I booked a private ride at 5 Brooks Ranch for two people for Sat. March 22nd as a surprise for my wifes b-day. We arrived early but when we checked in,the woman that helped us said we were late so we needed to hurry up and fill out paperwork! When I was trying to pay she finally realized that she had us mixed up with other set of riders! When I gave her my credit card to pay she stated it would cost 10% more and that's the policy. She said I told you that on the phone when you booked the ride, and I replied back, that is funny because I never spoke with a woman when I booked this ride! She had no choice to only charge me the cash rate. After paying we waited for them to call us and we just watched how unorganized this place was run! We mounted the horses that were pre selected for us, mine was Daisy and my wife's was Harley both (females). As we started off on trail for a two hour ride, Harley my wife's horse which was behind me,seemed to be sluggish ! I didn't think it was going to be a problem once we got going. We already started to climb and my wife's horse Harley wouldn't keep up! I tried to slow down my horse Daisy but every time I pulled back on the reigns, Daisy would shake her head side to side and try to bite my foot! I had to fight this horse for 1 1/2 hours (needless to say I was exhausted) but this was supposed to be a private ride for two for my wife's birthday ! The guide was a young female, who's name I can't recall, never really slowed her horse to a better pace for us, she was always way up front, so my horse was trying to keep up with hers the entire ride! She did not inform us that my wife's horse Harley gets spooked if she can't see the other horses and suddenly just takes off running unexpectedly! Dangerous! We came to 5 Brooks Ranch very excited and left very very disappointed and angry,so much that when I confronted the owner about our horrible experience, he gave me some money back!! That was good of him but I still will only give 1 star due to lack of organization and horse instruction!!
Deborah Cortino 06-04-14 09:19:04
Outstanding!! My fiance is a good horseman. I am an amateur. Our guide was very patient with me. He was very kind and gave us a wonderful tour of the beautiful woods. It was an hour private ride for the two of us (so romantic) which seemed to end too quickly. We will be back :)
Paul, UK 06-07-15 08:32:34
Went out with Ryan and had a fantastic time on our three hour hack. Pointed out the Ospreys, snakes, poison oak, etc. had a great ride on Cody, who was happy to follow. Looking forward to coming again!
Connolly Family, Lake Placid, NY 06-03-14 07:19:57
We arrived a bit late due to traffic; nevertheless, Dave & Sasha (guides) were extremely generous w/ their time and gave us MORE than two hours on the trails... Dave pointed out osprey nests w/ young and the trail through the coastal forest was peaceful w/ birdsong... Dave gave us lessons in riding skills and even allowed us beginners to experience trot & canter... Sasha gave our daughter a nice canter experience at the end while Dave patiently allowed us older folks to take a leisurely walk back to the stable... we did not really stop for snacks or anything but Dave took several pictures of the three of us w/ our camera for us... Our horses Willie, Jessie & Paulie were 16 to 20 yr olds obedient and gentle yet willing to canter when given the signal... a bit pricey for our budget BUT definitely one of the highlights of our visit to the West Coast.
Simon Bain Larkspur CA 05-24-14 04:31:28
fantastic. There were 3 of us in the party. One was petrified before he got on. Within a few minutes his horse and the ride leader had put him at ease and he was snapping away with his phone while riding. Scenery amazing and the leader very knowledgeable on what was around us. Well worthy a visit if you are in this magnificent area.
Vivian, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands 05-21-14 06:16:24
Had a really nice ride at Fivebrooks. We did the 2 hour trail, the scenery was absolutely beautifull! Like a fairytale... Even though there were a lot of differences in experience in the group, David managed it so that everybody had a nice ride. Horses look good, well taken care of. I'd love to come back some day... maybe for the 6 hour ride that so many people talk about :-)
Connie Pudlak, Vallejo, Ca. 05-15-14 06:04:40
Thank you Dave! Had the time of my life!! You were very professional and knowledgable!! Will be back!!! The horses were well behaved and taken care of beautifully!!
Moses Vaughan 04-16-14 06:46:37
This is one of the bay areas greatest assets. Five Brooks Stable should be considered a treasure by all of us folks who have an interest in riding horses, but not necessarily the time of financial situation to be a full time sponsor of horse owner. I so much value the cheerful service offered by Andy and Tina, and missed it greatly during the National Park Shutdown last year. They are the best, and will do everything they can to make your ride a great experience.
Angela, San Anselmo CA 04-07-14 11:42:52
My brother surprised me with the 3 hour ride - i used to compete in dressage and show jumping, but had not been on a horse in over 20 years. I was thrilled. Joining our group was my sister in law Felice, Danielle and our guide Sharon. Sharon explained to me that all of the horses available are docile and capable; rides being based on the comfort level of the least experienced in each group. This was a comfort to me because growing up my brother was terrified of horses, and still somewhat leery. Sharon took this on board and was great, giving him pointers and suggestions throughout our ride. He became so comfortable, I looked back and he had dropped his reins and was taking pictures (not that I recommend this..) I've been to lots of horse stables in my life. I have walked away because the horses were un-kept, under-fed, dirty and the facilities run down and un-safe. NOT the case at Five Brooks. The staff made me and my group very comfortable, answering all our questions and making sure all our concerns where completely answered before we ventured off. I'll be back, and if you haven't been yet - go. I truly feel you won't be disappointed. Ask for Sharon, and give Delilah, a carrot (supplied by five brooks) for me.
Danielle, Stockton, CA 04-06-14 07:56:46
I just got back from another amazing day and there are so many wonderful things to say about Five Brooks Ranch! Beautiful trail ride, good horse, great guide (Sharon) and friendly owners and staff. I am never disappointed when I ride here and I will return again and again and again!
Danielle, Stockton, CA 02-25-14 12:01:04
Great horses that are loved and cared for and beautiful trails. This is my favorite place to ride and it is always an AMAZING experience.
Avrum, Berkeley, CA 12-30-13 11:16:30
I took my two kids there a couple days before Christmas. By far the highlight of the winter vaction was the 2 hour ride we had with City Slicker Dave. He was absolutely fantastic. His personality meshed very well with all of us and we all enjoyed his "words of wisdom". I wish I could have him around all year long (maybe my kids would listen a bit more). Definately worth a going here. We will be back and will ask for Dave.
Anthony, Windsor CA 12-22-13 11:11:48
Showed up on a Saturday and set up a 2 hour ride. Horses were well trained and the Guides were knowledgeable and willing to go with the pace of the group. Very fun ride and lots of horses. Great view. Will go back again and again, not to mention they are the least expensive in the area!
Judi P, Sutter Creek, CA 09-26-13 07:06:48
Well...where do I begin? My ride yesterday was a spontaneous decision during a 5 day stay in the area and the best few hours of my trip. I'm a lifelong rider but have rare opportunities and was craving the feel of the saddle and the wind in my hair with the smells of the ocean. There was one other guest rider, Jennifer (her birthday and a beginning rider), a volunteer named Pam and our guide City Slicker Dave (known by many other names I am sure!) While initially thinking, "Oh my, Dave is a talker and I really wanted a peaceful quiet ride in the forest" he soon changed my impression as he entertained us with his creative and entertaining way of teaching Jennifer the basics of riding. And by midway in the ride we were testing out "1st and 2nd gear" on a lovely trail leading to Sherwood Forest, osprey nests, the dragon's lair...with stories, quotes and bits of trivia from his many varied pursuits if life. We trotted, we loped, we laughed, we sang...and we celebrated Jennifer's birthday. He staged photos for us and became our photographer...and we came riding in to the ranch at the end of our ride like Jesse James and his gang (well, maybe that's a stretch). Did we have a good day? Damn straight! Thank you Dave and 5 Brooks Ranch...I will be back!
adriene 09-20-13 08:42:03
I took my sister and her boyfriend on their first horse back ride at 5 brooks. They enjoyed it so much. Our guide Lisa,was so attentive to my sister and her nervousness at riding for the 1st time. The ride through the forest was so pretty. I will return again. Thank you Adriene T
Rick Murray, Oakland, CA 08-09-13 09:32:00
I hadn't been horseback riding in about twenty five years and was feeling a bit nostalgic about when I used to go riding with my mother at Bear Valley Stables. On a recent trip to Nevada City I met a woman who lives in Forest Knolls and mentioned Five Brooks Ranch as a place to look into. So this morning I did a quick Google search and found them. After quick phone call with Andrew from Five Brooks, I packed my sons Ian (11) and Andy (8) in the car and made the drive up from Oakland. The area around Five Brooks is beautiful and the perfect setting for a relaxing ride. My boys and I are absolute beginners (really) when it comes to riding, but we all felt safe and excited about getting up in the saddle and heading up the trail. Our trail guide was pleasant and the horses we rode were just great. Again, the natural beauty of the area simply cannot be beat. We rode through enourmous trees and saw Osprey nests along the way. My kids and I will be back to Five Brooks for sure. Thank you, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful memory. - Rick
Lisa B., Ligonier, PA 08-07-13 03:24:08
What a wonderful experience! "City Slicker Dave" led my family (including my mother in law, husband, myself and our three girls ages 7-10) on a perfect horseback ride on the Fir Top Trail. Everyone of us, except my mother in law, had basically no riding experience. His strong leadership, clear instructions, and skilled way with the horses gave me confidence as a Mom that my family was well taken care of. He made it very fun for the kids, with little rhymes and chants to put them at ease along the way. For the grown ups, he pointed out the natural beauty of the area while we were riding and made it a thoroughly relaxing experience. We spent 9 days in California, and consistently this is what my family keeps mentioning as their 'vacation favorite' Thank you Dave and Five Brooks!
Lisa B., Ligonier, PA 08-07-13 03:16:38
What a wonderful experience! "City Slicker Dave" led my family (including my mother in law, husband, myself and our three girls ages 7-10) on a perfect horseback ride on the Fir Top Trail. Everyone of us, except my mother in law, had basically no riding experience. His strong leadership, clear instructions, and skilled way with the horses gave me confidence as a Mom that my family was well taken care of. He made it very fun for the kids, with little rhymes and chants and along the way. For grown ups, he pointed out the natural beauty we were riding through and made it a thoroughly relaxing experience. We spent 9 days in California, and consistently this is what my family keeps mentioning as their 'vacation favorite'. Thank you Dave and Five Brooks!
Tracy, Troy NY 08-05-13 10:40:29
I was visiting my daughter in California for a week, and horseback riding was at the top of my to-do list. It's been 25 years or so since I rode regularly, and I've been waiting so long for the opportunity to do it again. I happened upon Five Brooks on a ride up the Marin coast, pulled in and signed up for a 1 hour ride (damned budget!!). Cowboy Dave took five beginners out after offering great and animated instruction. He's a natural storyteller, and kept us entertained throughout. I was glad we were able to do a little trotting, and that I got pictures. This was a highlight of an amazing week. Thanks Dave, and thanks Five Brooks!
Erica & Katy, Virginia/CA 07-28-13 04:37:42
My friend and I had a great time! we would recommend our awesome trail guide cowboy Dave and the five brooks ranch to any horse fanatic or beginner!
Andi, Palo Alto, California 07-21-13 06:24:57
On an adventure to entertain my daughter home from college, we fell upon Five Brooks. Oh my gosh, what a great trail ride it was. Being experienced riders we were concerned that the horses wouldn't go and that the trip would feel akin to 'It's A Small World After All' at Disneyland. Nothing like that at all. Sharon our guide was so knowledgable ,let us open up the horses for a very enjoyable two hour ride. Next time we will do the 6 hour ride to the beach. Great facility, great horses, great day!!
Elaine W, Petaluma, Ca. 07-14-13 03:07:55
I highly recommend that you take a horseback ride at Five Brooks Stable and ask for Sharon to be your trail leader. Sharon has been involved with horses for years and her children grew up on horses, so she knows how to handle the horses to make your horseback ride a great, memorable experience. Sharon, wanted to make sure we sat correctly in our saddles. She told us what to do when going up and down hills with the horse and how to put our feet into the stirrups and keep our heels down. Many times, she would turn around on her horse to make sure we were sitting properly so we wouldn't fall off of our horse!! Sharon also pointed out many interesting things to see as we traveled on the trails. Adults and children alike will love this trail ride experience. AND, if you want to trot or go faster, Sharon always asked if we wanted to or not. This is the "go to place" for your next horseback trail ride and Sharon is definitely the person to lead!!
Mary Jane Wood Napa California 06-20-13 05:16:02
My sister and I went on the 6 hour beach ride yesterday and had such a fantastic time I had to write and let everyone at the stable know how much we appreciated everything. This was the third time my sister went on this ride, my first. The entire experience from beginning to end was fantastic. If you love horses, trail rides and beautiful scenery, this is the place for you. The horses are well loved, treated with the utmost respect and are very loving animals. Our trail guide, David, was so attentive to all our needs and his only concern was that we were having the experience we wanted. He knows every trail inside and out and gives you options on where you want to go and what kind of ride you want. He was such a great guy, we are still telling "Dave" stories today. Our sincerest thanks to all at the Five Brooks Stable for making a 60th birthday so memorable. All our best. Giddy Up !!!
Candice, Harvest, AL 06-09-13 09:39:03
I had a great time on the 6hr trail ride to the beach. I had been wanting to ride on the beach my whole life, and this ride did not disappoint! The scenery was breath-taking and we were taken to a waterfall on the beach which was very unique. It was a real treat to see inside the forests on the West Coast and lope on the sand. Our guide, Dave, was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He made everyone feel comfortable and did his best to take care of each person's needs over the 6hrs on the trail. I highly recommend this stable; each person I talked to seemed extremely competent, professional, friendly, and best of all, the animals are very healthy, well-fed, and treated with kindness and respect by all employees.
Mari Shine, Walnut Creek, CA 05-28-13 02:46:56
What a great time we had! I took my best friend for her birthday and surprised her. I knew the minute I saw her standing by the corral that my idea was perfect; she looked so happy and at home there. We were seriously late and it was no problem at al;, we had horses saddled up for us in no time, and our lovely guide Sharon led us on a magnificent 2-hour ride. The location, the energy and spirit of the horses, and our guide's sweet personality made it a day to remember always. And to be sure to repeat!
Steve R. San Francisco California 05-15-13 08:03:21
I took my wife and children horseback riding for Mother's Day and we went on the 2 hour ride with Dave. Dave was terrific and we had a wonderful time. I give David the highest rating possible. He knew exactly how to teach and motivate my two children. We have gone riding several times, but both my wife and children said it was the best riding experience that they have ever had. Thank you Five Brooks and especially Cowboy Dave!
Justin R. Vallejo,Ca 05-10-13 10:23:48
Simply Amazing! My wife and I chose the private picnic ride with cowboy Dave as our guide. He made our experience unforgettable. I choose this ride for my wife for her birthday, and she absolutely loved it. We were complete beginners and cowboy Dave made us feel completely comfortable with riding the horses we were on. He was very knowledgable and took in consideration of all of our needs. If we wanted to go slow we did, next we tried a little trotting, then we put them horses in second gear just for a little bit. We had the best times of our life. They prepared a great lunch for us and it was delicious. Cowboy Dave is no city slicker that's for sure . He's the real deal. A genuine cowboy who is there to care for you, teach you, and entertain you. He would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it, because He's that type of guy. I will defiantly be coming back! Every one at this please is friendly and Welcoming. I will pass on the word for sure and highly recommend the five brooks stables. Thanks Cowboy Dave you really made this experience for us great. As long as there is a smile on your face, and your still sitting in the saddle, your doing just fine! Thanks again Cowboy Dave!
jim honey Tiburon, CA 05-07-13 10:45:29
I wrote yesterday of our fantastic ride where six of us were taken on this great ride where we saw and heard many things. David led the way but at the back watching us and keeping us safe was Linda Sue who is new to Five brooks and a fits in real well. She is great with the horses and sees most of what goes on while staying relaxed. she is easy to talk to and will give you advise in the best nicest way possible so welcome there Linda Sue and thank you for your addition to our lovely ride yesterday.
jim honey Tiburon, CA 05-06-13 10:03:42
Today we again went to this amazing place and each time we go we always have a good time. The horses are fit and willing, the euqipment is good quality and serviceable and the staff are individuals that today was surpassed by a cowboy called David. Thank you we really had so much fun and we couldn't have done it without you. We now have moving images of us to help us remember this wonderful day and we even saw two eagles nests, fabulous. Thank you Andrew for such services.
David Sewall, Laguna Niguel, CA 04-17-13 11:47:24
Dave, thank you so much for the special attention given to our family last Saturday! We took our daughter Christiana and her two best friends Sarah and Ashley for the weekend to San Francisco, and you had really extended yourself to ensure we had the ultimate experience. We had a blast and can't wait to return! You made the experience unforgettable and one of our happiest memories with our family! What a great day that was! thank you! Julie and David Sewall (Julie Richardson)
shelly & jeronimo sacramento, ca 04-06-13 08:03:23
All I can say is I will definitely be back. Dave was an excellent guide and very observant to each and every one of us he not only pointed out the coolest things, but he made us feel like weve known him for years. The horses were very well trained and matched up well. Beautiful place, good people.
Kirstie Lambert, Ketchum, Idaho 83340 03-18-13 06:11:51
A big Thank you to Lisa, for taking me out all day to the Bobcat Beach, Where we ran the horses. It was a beautiful ride with lots of beauty to see. Wow what a view from the top. I enjoyed this day, it's so very different to what I do in the West. Loved it. Thank you all, Kirstie Lambert Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Erica and Ben Hillyer 03-10-13 10:46:33
My husband and I went yesterday for his birthday. Our guide Dave gave us a very enjoyable and memorable ride. I would recommend it to anyone, in fact when we got hone we recommended it to 2 of our neighbors.
Jennifer B., San Rafael, CA 02-11-13 11:22:23
Our experience didn't match what I'd read from others, in part because as a beginner my daughter, age 8, was wary of trotting and they put us on very slow horses. Our guide was on a horse that wanted to go faster, and so the guide was always very far ahead of us, and when we'd be close to catching up he'd start up again. So we had almost no interaction with the guide! The trail is beautiful but the experience was disappointing.
Becky, San Diego, CA 01-04-13 08:27:03
My daughter (11) and I took the two hour trail ride, and loved every minute of it. I grew up riding horses and was pleased that we were able to trot and lope during the trail ride. Jesus was our guide, and he was always checking in to make sure everyone was having a good time. Horses were happy and alive, not worn and tired. Too bad I am not closer, as I would love to volunteer my time at this ranch grooming the horses.
Suzanne; Chicago, IL 04-10-13 07:07:04
My family and I had a wonderful time at Five Brooks Stables. Cowboy Dave took us out on a 1 hour trail ride. He showed us the beautiful trails and truly gave us an adventure to remember. He asked us if we wanted to kick it up a notch and he took our horses in "second gear". It was a thrill for all of us. We had so much fun. My kids could not stop talking about Cowboy Dave and how great he was and how much fun it was to run in "second gear". We came back for another ride the very next day, even though it was raining! Can't say enough about the stables and Cowboy Dave. We has a great time and we will have wonderful memories. Thank you!
Sonja Straub & Yvonne Schwarz, Switzerland 12-26-12 10:58:03
We did the 6 hours beach ride, David was our guide. We walked, trotted and loped through the magic forest down to the beach where we had again a nice lope. The landscape is breath-taking, marvelous and even the weather was fantastic. We both had a lot of fun although we do have different levels of experience as Sonja is a beginner and I'm an advanced rider. David gave Sonja some short lessons about how best to sit on the horse especially during trotting and loping. I enjoyed a very responsive, nice horse called Willy. David also told us many interesting things about this region and the forest. It was all great fun and we both will come back! The horses all look happy and well cared for. This trip was a real Christmas present for us! Wonderful - thank you very much!
Cliff&Sylvia Crosbie, Saratoga, California 10-28-12 08:05:03
We did the 6 hour ride to the beach. The weather was glorious, the scenery was outstanding, and our guide, Carole was enthusiastic and had a clear aim of making this day very special for us. The horses were well cared for, we trotted and loped a lot on the ride. The beach was stunning and we found the ideal picnic spot with an amazing view. All in all a perfect day and would highly recommend Five Brooks. We'll be back !
Kristine & Gareth, Santa Rosa, CA 10-01-12 08:59:33
Our guide was Sharon, and she was great! She customized the ride to our skill set and had a very friendly attitude. The horses were in good shape and looked to be well taken care of and happy. We loved the views from the trail and would like to try the beach ride someday. We had so much fun we will make it an annual ride, or maybe more often! Would definitely recommend Five Brooks as a wonderful place to ride!
WOW! Where do we start,we discovered that the enchanted forest is in OLEMA,CA the location of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks forest scenes. It was enchanting, moss with drops of dew, natural springs, wasps nest, natural beauty at its best! COWBOY DAVE! If we knew then what Dave taught us now, our past rides at other ranches would have been,less painful. We are beginners, but Dave opened the door to leave first gear go to second gear followed by loping, taking us where you only go in your dreams. Baby steps turned fear of the unknown into successful accomplishments. THANK YOU DAVE. We'll be back.
Lee Grant, RaNCHO PALOS VERDES CA. 08-24-12 11:31:11
I haven't been to the stable or even contacted them yet, but after a confusing, futile, and bizarre search for information on horse boarding and riding in Point Reyes national seashore on the national park service website, it is welcome relief to find a REAL website, with REAL information I can use, answering the questions I have, not the questions they want to answer. I will call tomorrow and conduct real business with people who do not appear to be insane!
katie a, CA 08-23-12 11:58:40
Wow, Where do I start?? The monent you walk into the stables you can tell all the horses are happy, alert, and healthy. We took a 2 hour private ride with David. He is a great guide and a wonderful resource of information about the local area and the trail we were on. The ride itself was incredibly beautiful.The horses respond well, aren't bored and really a pleasure to ride. 5 Star rating.
Shelley K., Peoria, IL 08-14-12 12:22:05
What a great place! We had so much fun. We were visiting our daughter who lives in California and she surprised us with a visit to Five Brooks Stable. Everyone was really nice and helpful. Our guide Lisa, I think that was her name, was very, very nice and helpful. We were all beginners (there were 6 of us)and she took her time with us and showed us some beautiful scenery. She even recommended how to ease our soreness once we got home. I would definately recommend Five Brooks Stable and when we visit again will also insist we go horseback riding.
Marcie and Taylor Voorhees Williams, California 07-24-12 07:49:07
Dave was our guide, and extremely knowledgeable and very fun on the ride. It was my daughters 10th birthday present and she and I both had a truly amazing experience. Beautiful scenery, great horses, and a awesome guide! Couldn't have asked for anything more, except we plan on doing the (2) hour next month :-) Five Brooks Ranch was a chance of a lifetime experience. Thank you all (and Dave...)so much for making this day so special for my little girl!
Linda P., Pacific Palisades, CA 06-27-12 06:23:32
We lived in West Marin & I loved taking trail rides at Five Brooks, last 3 years near Vancouver, BC for work but now back in California...can't wait to ride at Five Brooks! Nice horses, considerate & experienced wranglers/guides, gorgeous scenery, weather great most of the time : ) Love it.
Wolfie M, Sweden 06-01-12 06:48:32
Hi! I really appreciate to meet you and that you took some time to talk to me, and liked to help me. Please send me your e-mail adress so we ca communicate.I loved your ranch and I could see you really cared for your horses and people around. Best Regards Wolfie
Elizabeth P., Novato, CA 05-30-12 10:33:04
What a fantastic time we had at Five Brooks! On Memorial Day, we took our 7 year old niece and her dad (our brother) for her birthday 2 hour private ride. It was everything we hoped for, and more. The horse my niece was riding was perfect for a beginning rider of her age - gentle, sweet, but readily moving into a trot and a canter when asked. My horse, Ginger, was equally wonderful, as was my brother's. My other brother, who is 6'5" and 250lbs, understandably wanted a larger horse, because he didn't want to feel guilty sitting on his/her back for two hours. Boy, did he get it! Lulu, an absolutely gorgeous French draft horse, was perfect for him. The best part of the ride, apart from the stunning views, perfect trails and lovely weather was our guide, Sharon. She was just great - friendly, knowledgeable, professional and she deals equally well with inexperienced or young riders as she does with more experienced people. She pointed out interesting landmarks on the trail, made sure everyone stayed safe and was as nice as can be. The setting is idyllic, the horses are obviously very well taken care of and everything runs like clockwork under the gentleman who manages it (I can't remember his name, but he's tall, German and very nice). I couldn't recommend this experience more highly. My niece had a huge smile on her face the whole time and for about 3 hours afterwards. It is well worth the cost and the time to get out to Olema!
Tami, Windsor, CA 05-29-12 09:17:15
I am an experienced horseback rider who hasn't been on a horse in a few years and received the two hour tour as a Mothers Day gift from my daughter who accompanied me on the ride. We had a very positive experience. The guide "Charlie" was great, she asked about our experience at the onset and was very attentive. She made sure we were comfortable before galloping or trotting. The horses were also very well trained and well cared for. I would highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch. Thank you!
Penny Macphail, San Anselmo, CA 04-12-12 06:55:27
I took my 7 year old daughter and 11 year old son for a two hour ride with Five Brooks today. We were all very much beginners but were treated to a warm welcome, clear directions and given the gentle pace and calm environment we needed to gain confidence in handling our beautiful horsies. All set in a backdrop of exquisite forest trail, a fire road wide enough to feel safe but foresty enough to feel like a true 'back to nature' experience. The route also winds steadily uphill then down again so you have the variety of the different feel in the saddle. This place is a dangerous find for us:0) When you have an enchanting experience like this, get to feel each member of your family has developed an appreciation for horses they suspected they could feel but didn't quite have before...and it is affordable......I guess you know you are coming back..probably fairly often. Thank you to our guide Warren, our new friends on the trail Lissa and John and to our lovely horsies.
Renee H., Milpitas, CA 04-08-12 07:20:46
Highly recommend the private Wildcat beach ride. It's a bit long for beginners (my daughter and I were a little sore today, but not too bad), but the destination is worth it. Emerging from the forest to see the Pacific is really remarkable. We're Bay Area locals, but that view never gets old! Our guide Alicia was delightful and it really was the perfect day. I only feel bad that we were late returning (one of the trails was unexpectedly closed due to a recently downed tree so we had to do a little backtracking), but everyone was very gracious about our tardiness! It's important to remember that this is a National Seashore and not everything is under the control of the guide or the ranch, so be flexible and relax. The experience of cantering on the beach is not one I will forget.
Jes, San Francisco Ca 02-26-12 10:55:20
I had an awesome trail ride here as a birthday present to myself. It was such a lovely ride! The views are amazing. We saw a fox, butterflies and birds. The woods are very calm and relaxing. Jesus was our trail guide and he did a great job. You can tell he loves what he does! I've ridden quite a few times before and was worried I should have done the private ride so I could go at an intermediate pace, but the fir top trail was awesome and he kept us entertained while letting us soak up the nature too. I'll definitely be back!
Tony Lander from Penngrove, CA 02-24-12 10:19:51
It was my first time on horseback and my fiance's first time since she was a little kid. Jesus was our guide and he made it so fun. He would stop and point out things to look for in along the trail (wildlife, nests, views of the hills). Jesus made us and the rest of the group including a little girl feel comfortable and safe on our horses. We are looking forward to our next visit to Five Brooks and we hope we are able to request Jesus... he's the man!
Vandee Lee Furuya 02-05-12 08:28:46
Jesus was the best wragner/guide!!! Very personable and easy going, knows his stuff and made great suggestions to improving our experience. We absolutely loved our ride to Fir Top we only wished it never ended. We are definately going to come back and tell everyone to ride with Jesus! Thank you so much!!!!
Lisa D. Rohnert Park, Ca 02-04-12 10:25:09
Discovered Five Brooks Stable a couple months back and have enjoyed several wonderful rides since. Went for the Private Picnic Ride today to celebrate friends birthday and I have to say thank you to everyone on the ranch for helping to make it such a spectacular day. If you are looking for an awesome horseback ride with gorgeous scenery then this is definetly the place to go.
sharon 01-31-12 09:57:36
This place is AWESOME!!!! My daughter and I went on a two hour private ride with David and we had a blast! After having owned horses in the past and knowing that Point Reyes is one of the most scenic places with fabulous trails I had all but forgotten about Five Brooks having rental horses. David let us set the pace and the horses were very willing. This is not your average rental stable - after hanging out after the ride and visiting with horses and staff you get that they really care about their animals. Treat yourself and a loved one - you will not be disappointed!
Heejay, San Francisco, CA 01-29-12 09:39:29
I had a great time! Willie was a good horse. Thank you! Thank you Jesus for being a wonderful guide, I would love to come back for the beach ride and try galloping.
Sherrie C, Napa CA 01-16-12 07:35:40
My husband and I enjoyed the two hour horseback ride. The guides name was Dave and he was awsome!I read the one negative review and I don't agree with what they said. The guide and the people who work at the stable were very careful with everyone and matched the horse up with each person. I asked if I should know anything about the horse I was riding and they were very open about it's personality. I also walked around the facility and it was kept very clean. I suggest taking a jacket if your riding now until the summer.
Stella Switzerland 01-07-12 07:01:08
Hey Tina !!!!! W?re sch?n von dir zu h?ren!!! Kisses Stella
browncow, Tieton WA 12-05-11 09:00:30
I would go back we had a great fun ride. However not described by others. If you are experienced you can get cantering, troting and galloping in with a certain guide but not really safe nor knowlegable for beginers. My friend was handed the reins and told to hold the horn and no other instruction. Later guide was yelling at her to control her barn sour forward horse but without any instruction. Guide watched as horse ran her under a tree, luckily only minor injuries. She also watched on as horse turned back to barn and I had to get off my horse and go get him back. Our saddles were loose and they didn't want to tighten them but I forced them. Stirrups to long and guide was unable to get off her horse and fix them, again I got off and fixed that as well. There was no matching horse with rider, no choice in saddle, etc. Also we did not get any beach views as the add promissed and ride was cut at least 30 min short. I saw Dave taking groups up and he seemed much more professional and knew how to ride, and provided instruction. Those were large walking groups and not for me however. Horses a little underweight. Some horses were tied for the the 3 hours I was there, not sure why, nor how long they were like that. Again we did have a nice fun ride but as a horse owner and experienced rider, I was very disapointed with the lack of safety of our guide and hired hands that tack/care for the horse. The horse I rode was very good under saddle, however they didn't mention she bit/kicked, just put me at the end. I would go back but would know to really check tack before I mounted, and make sure I provided education to anyone who went with me.
Lori S Kentfield, CA 11-28-11 10:23:23
After my son raved about going trail riding with Grandpa and Daddy down in Half Moon bay, I couldn't wait to show him what we had going on in our own backyard here in Olema. My 7 yr old and I came out to 5 Brooks Stables for an afternoon ride and the entire staff greeted us with smiles. Everyone was attentive, friendly, helpful and we were put at ease as we were given basic tips and suggestions before our ride. There were six riders and our guide, Dave. Not only was the terrain gorgeous, but Dave made it fun, interesting and he was very sensitive to the fact that there were varying levels of expertise on our 2 hour journey. Dave had a very sweet and comical way of checking in with each person to make sure fun was had by all. We will definitely be back with more friends to do it again. Much thanks to Jesus and Tina, my son loved it!
Margot and Callum, Stanford, CA 11-27-11 09:48:05
Just finished an absolutely fantastic day on the trails with Cowboy Dave. My son and I had a private ride to the beach and back (approximately 5 hours riding). The weather was perfect, the scenery real purty. Horses were great. Fantastic feeling to go in first and second gear on trails in the forest. We'll definitely be back. A very heartful thanks to Dave. He was incredible with my son, and with me: funny as can be, cheerful, warm, caring and a great teacher with a unique style.
Brian D., Half Moon Bay, CA 11-04-11 02:01:39
Wanted to arrange a private ride for my daughter's birthday. I am a big guy, about 6'3" and 265 lbs. I have ridden off and on horses in many places. But the proprietor told me on the phone her horses couldn't handle over 230 lbs. Absurd. I guess they only stable toy ponies.
Lynda T., Santa Rosa, Ca. 10-24-11 07:35:52
My sister and I went out for a two hour ride with two trail guides and another couple using a gift certificate. We had a great ride and trotted lots! It was so much fun and really beautiful. The people that work there are super friendly. We will definitely being going back!
Moses, Point Richmond, CA 10/10/2011
This place is great. I have been taking my daughter out on rides once or twice a year since she was about 9. So, what with these rides and other opportunities she has had, she's becoming a pretty good, safe rider. These days it's well worth it to us to go for a private ride, where we set the pace. If you are a pure beginner, the group rides might be more suitable. Either way you go, the scenery is always superb, all the guides we have had are very good, and Tina does a great job with the very challenging task of running a dude ranch close to a major city. If your horse isn't perfect, or unpredictable events slightly degrade your ride, it's probably no one's fault, and you can trust the ranch is doing it's best to make it a good experience...
Anna, San Francisco/Mill Valley, CA 10/05/2011
What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Decided to stop in on a whim while doing a scenic drive with one of my girlfriends. They accommodated us with a train ride leaving within the hour. Our guide David could not have made it more fun for the two of us who are both inexperienced riders. I appreciated the time that was taken to teach me how to have a successful ride with my horse and the warm personality of our guide. I have since asked around and also found that this is the best deal around. I will be coming back to enjoy the trails of Olema with my new favorite horse Jesse very soon as well as spreading the word to me fellow locals who may not be aware what a gem we have so nearby.
Chris W and Rebecca H, San Francisco CA 08/15/2011
Yesterday afternoon we headed down the trail for an hour ride with our fantastic guide Jesus. I've never been on a horse before, and Rebecca hadn't ridden since her teens, and Jesus was always sure to check in on how we were doing, while also encouraging us to try trotting and cantering. He also took some great photos so we can remember the day. It was a fabulous afternoon and i recommend it to anyone.
Alison H., Woodside, CA 08/04/2011
Whoa, turn here!! After a short drive from Olema "town center" (Hwy 1 and Sir Frances Drake) South to The Five Brooks Stable we parked in the shade and walked down to the stable. We were warmly greeted by the owner Andrew, even though we were a few minutes late. After doing the paperwork, our horses were chosen and up we went. Nice horses, well cared for and the fit was right. My 8 year old girl has ridden but not on such a tall horse. It was great to see her so excited about this ride. We were joined by one other lady who also has riding experience and we made our way out guided by a great guy named Josh. After about 10 minutes he noticed the other gal's horse was favoring a front leg. (She was bringing up the rear, three horses behind him!) After Josh contacted the stable via radio, they brought up another horse for her to ride. Thanks to Josh knowing his stuff, (horses) we were able to trot quite a bit on our 2 hour ride through beautiful forest with a nice incline and trail views across small valley's. Being the first ride out around 9 AM there was not a lot of other horse traffic, but some. This made it interesting and enjoyable to see some serious horse enthusiasts. We will be back here ASAP!! Might even get the husband off a horse powered bike and on real horse power. Thanks to a great guide who looks as authentic as any cowboy and the real deal too.
Tami, RWC, CA 07/25/2011
I cannot say enough about my recent experience at Five Brooks Ranch! From the time I arrived (8:45am) the staff were so very friendly and attentive. It was a busy time getting the horses prepped for the first of the day trail rides, and yet, I was greeted by several different staff saying they would be with me momentarily. The paperwork was brief, and included rating ones ability so they know how best to match you with the appropriate horse, and so your guide can line you up accordingly. We were assisted onto our happy, great looking steeds, and given personalized instruction about that particular horse (in my case Paulie, sp?) Our guide Josh was wonderful. When we set out, he kept engaging us in conversation, as well as watching our horses for any signs of trouble. He picked up on Paulie's slight limp before I did, so before I knew it, he radioed back to the stable for my replacement, "Daisy". We turned around and were met by another staff with my new friend. We continued on our lovely 2 hour ride that took us through lots of different flora and fauna; the result of late rains was surely evident in patches of what seemed like "spring flowers". :) Josh was wonderful with both adults and the young rider on our trail ride. She was having difficulty getting her horse to keep up, so Josh made her a crop from a small tree branch to "suggest" s/he giddy-up. ;=) It worked! All in all it was a wonderful experience and I am eager to go back and request Josh take us on a different trail (there are so many options)! Tipping is appreciated and though I am a fair tipper, in this case, I was not shy as I felt we were so very well attended to and in good hands!
Andrea Cwynar San Francisco, CA 07/12/2011
I just loved going for a 2 hour horse ride with 5 brooks. The horses were beautiful, and well taken care of...the trails were amazingly beautiful as well. Warren was our guide, and he made the experience very comfortable... I would highly recommend them, and hope to go back for more...I would love to take lessons from them !!
Ann R. Vallejo, CA 07/02/2011
I had the best ride ever today. Our guide, Alicia was so friendly, patient, and took good care of all of us. A family of 4 (2 young kids and parents) and I went out through the beautiful country woods and trails there. The weather was hotter by the barn but a little cooler in the woods. Could not have asked God for a better day to ride. Also the staff and wrangler guides seem to really know their jobs and their horses. I will definitely come back here and spread the word to my family and friends. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Thanks again and keep up the good work there.
Mark K. San Rafael, Ca. 06/19/2011
My two daughters (6 & 7) and I went for a one hour beginner's ride. Paul was our guide. He was very friendly and great with my girls. The ride was tailored to the level of the group. In our case, we were all beginners, but we were still able to have a short bit of trotting with the horses. I grew up in Marin and I've hiked many trails in Pt. Reyes. This was a unique perspective from the back of a horse. I loved it. The scenery was beautiful. My girls had a great time. We will be back again.
Nicole and Kelsey N., Brookfield, WI 06/17/2011
My sister and I drove down to Five Brooks and went on a private Fir Top trail ride. The experience was incredible. I rode on Willie and my sister rode on Harley. Although Willie was 17, he was a very good horse, gentle, and he enjoyed staying next to or right behind the guide. Harley was a bit slow for walking, but would start trotting on his own to catch up. Both horses seemed very well trained. Something that really bothers me with horse trails is that normally they are head to butt, only walking, and if you want to ride even at a trot normally you have to pay like 50 more dollars - sometimes even more. At Five Brooks, for just 20 dollars more we got to trot for a longer amount of time - and even though we were beginners, we got to canter about 5 times and gallop twice. It was a really great experience, our guide was absolutely fantastic (we got to learn some spanish, as well!) and the view that the description describes of the area is nothing quite as near what the actual experience is - the area is absolutely beautiful. I would suggest this area to anyone and everyone, and if you are a beginner don't be afraid to try something new out - if you have the chance to take it, most definitely do so. In a summary, Five Brooks Stable is the best trail ride I or my sister have ever been to, and the people there are absolutely wonderful.
Tana 05/17/2011
Amazing! Way, way, way better than I expected. The scenery was beautiful. Jesus was an incredible guide -- fun, entertaining, interesting, and a blast to talk to.
El C., Oakland Ca. 05/16/2011
woww I thought it was easy for me to ride a horse after too many years past by. My mom is 66 years old and she did it better than me.. it was exciting. I will be back again and try it.
Jennifer, Mountain View Ca. 05/16/2011
A friend and I went on a Saturday at 10am, the 3 hour ride. Our guide was Ken and he was awesome. Experienced rider, friendly, and very talkative. The horses were really sweet. I rode Ollie and my friend rode Willy. All the horses appeared healthy, shiny and muscular. I got a good vibe from this place that they were well taken care of. The trail was a blast and there was some beautiful scenery. I'm a completely novice rider and my friend is an expert rider, and even she had a blast. We were even allowed to canter, although we walked most of the time. I would definitely do this again!
Isaac Fitzgerald, San Francisco CA 05/14/2011
Our two hour ride was thrilling. Jesus was an absolutely fantastic guide. What a wonderful day. Thanks Five Brooks!
Lucy Morley, Warwick , UK 05/04/2011
In March/April me and my family embarked on a holiday to San Francisco , the prospect of leaving raining England was very exciting :D and as my treat, I had looked into going on a western riding trail ride and found five brooks' website. I chose the 3 hr trek and being 15, a huge horse enthusiast and competent rider i was really looking forward to it ! I had not thought that it would be possible for it to exceed my expectations but boy was i wrong ! Paul took me on the ride and I rode a lovely horse called Ollie, Although it decided to rain the ride was gorgeous and i even learnt things on my ride about surroundings and the rest of America at that! Paul was great company and i couldn't tire of hearing about his experiences and recommendations! I can safely say that my ride on that wet day was without a doubt the best ever of my life to date and I hope to go back there sometime hopefully in the very near future !! <3
Alex O. San Bruno, Ca. 03/18/2011
Super easy to get to. My wife and I never rode horses - the closest we came to a horse is petting them at our local stable in Pacifica. I took her to Five Brooks the day after her birthday - with quite a hang over :) Overall experience was so easy going and nonchalant that I couldn't believe it. 2 minutes from parking a car to riding a horse - super cool. My wife got a male called Jessy who was stopping for a grab of grass from time to time and I think she had most fun. Anyway, we've done some trotting and had a great conversation with the guide - who was super cool. The whole trip was very memorable, yet so ordinary, as if horse riding is a weekly thing. I can't explain it, but somehow, Five Brooks Stables makes you feel like you belong there and you've done it before. Magic.
James G., Oakland Ca. 03/14/2011
Scott was our guide and he was great!!!! The horses were great, as was the scenery. My partner and I are not new to horseback riding, but we are also not experts. Still, we felt very comfortable and enjoyed our time. Scott who is very personable, made sure we were safe, and was an all around awesome guide-giving us insight on the horses, and the area. They took pictures of us riding, and emailed them to us for free. It was a awesome experience, and we will be back.Oh...word to the wise, bring some gloves (no matter what the weather is), we went on a rather nice day, but the higher we got in the trail, the colder it got!!!! Enjoy!
Elesabeth D., San Francisco Ca. 03/11/2011
Scott was great and showed us around. It was a cold and rainy day and we still had such a great time!!
Robert G. Lafayette, Ca. 03/02/2011
A couple of comments....nice trail, peaceful, everyone was welcoming....wear lots of layers it was cold up on the mountain this weekend. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Think twice if you are going with young kids that have not rode before. A two hour trail ride is not appropriate for a kid that has never been on a horse before. Went on a 2 hour trail ride yesterday that turned into 2 3/4 because a young kid had to get off the horse and walk. The rep from Five Brooks had to walk as well. Worth the money....
Judy Payne 03/01/2011
This stable is not just one of the best in the Bay Area, because that would not be a thing I could say. What I can say is that after years of riding and after going on many rides in different stables, I so much enjoyed the experience here and the quality that was provided, the sheer understanding of my horse was extremely memorable and appreciated very much. I just wanted to take him out for a run. Never mind the ones who fall behind. But he was so patient and good, and our tour guide was incredibly kind. The scenery alone was gorgeous, but to have such a fine horse was a gift in and of itself. Judy
Kim Daniels, San Anselmo, CA 02/15/2011
I said all kinds of swell things because i thought they were true and the computer erased all of them. So once again. Vanessa is such a wonderful guide and riding Bowie for my first time after many years made me very comfortable. My next time I was given Daisy who although very large is very sweet. Then my last time I got to ride Dancer a very beautiful Pinto who likes to keep up with the guide horse at all times, even if he does grab a bite of grass here and there. I'm hoping to sponsor a horse next winter if my budget allows it, but my heart is set on Ginger who I know is already very popular, I think her name is Lee? Kim
Ron Kurti, San Francisco, CA 02/14/2011
This place is awesome. They've got a large selection of horses and a very friendly staff. Andrew hooked me up with a private ride at the last minute. Ken was a great guide. I'm definitely coming back.
Alex, San Francisco, CA 02/08/2011
We had a great time here. Our guide was Scott, he was very friendly and helpful with learning how to ride and be comfortable. The Fir Top Trail ride was beautiful and a very appropriate length of time.
jOaquin, San Francisco, CA 02/04/2011
Last weekend I went on a 3 hour private guided tour with Scott from Five Brooks on what most people would think was an unpleasant day, kind of rainy and misty, but it was one of the most wonderful (if not *the* most wonderful) rides I've ever been on. Scott provided me with rain gear to stay warm and dry and took me to some breathtaking areas. The owners and staff at Five Brooks made me feel so welcome and comfortable, which was so great because I went away for the weekend by myself. Not only did I have a really awesome weekend, but I made a whole new set of friends that I'm now obsessed with going back to visit... as a matter of fact... I'm going back again this weekend.
Connie, San Anselmo, CA 01/25/2011
We had a fantastic time at Five Brooks. All of the people who greeted us especially Eva and her dogs and cat were very friendly. Scott was the best guide ever with his expertise and his great stories. We could have ridden for days. I highly recommend him as I have done a lot of horseback riding and no one compares to Scott. I will definitely return often.
Kathleen. Los Altos, CA 01/09/2011
We had a 2pm, 2 hour guided ride with Warren. He is a very experienced horseman, passionate about his work and very personable. We had a wonderful time enjoying the gorgeous scenery as well as getting to know Warren. My horse, Bowie, was so sweet - a little pushy - but easily corrected. A fun time was had by all. Thank you, Warren, for a great ride!
Adrianna, San Francisco, Ca. 01/05/2011
I took my granddaughter for the 2 hour "Fir Top" ride. The trail is beautiful. Deep in the woods. Not a lot of sun but so beautiful. Vanessa was our guide and it was just the 3 of us. My granddaughter had a bit of a struggle to keep Harley from stopping and eating grass but she kept working at it until Harley finally gave up. I road Paulie. A big horse that liked only to do what the lead horse was doing. He would trot when the lead horse trotted and only once was I able to get him into a slow canter for a minute or so. Both horse had sweet dispositions. I was comfortable with the trail, the horses and guide. I would go back.
Joanna, Oakland, Ca. 01/04/2011
Horses are in my blood and spirit. My grandfather was a jockey and horse trainer, my mother from Kentucky horse country. Someday I will leave city life forever and move to Kentucky and raise beautiful horses. Til then, Iam hoping that the equestrian trend does not go out of style. I get my horseback riding fix by trying out different local stables. I bought two Home Run vouchers for an hour trail ride, and took a good friend a few months back when the weather was absolutely perfect. Short sleeves in Marin, what a concept. The stables themselves were nice and clean and the horses seemed loved and very well cared for, whereas some other places that I have been to that cater to occasional riders keep the stables in disrepair and the horses are treated more like cattle. The stablehands and guide were very nice and knowledgeable. I rode Harley, who was a bit pooky for my tastes, but was a beautiful quarter horse with a sweet personality, though she could get a tad testy with her other equine buddies, which showed she was not overly docile. I like that in a horse. The trail was beautiful and meanders through a canopy of trees with a bed of ferns on the side, and a creek nearby. Since I am not likely to leave the urban jungle for my pastoral dream anytime soon, I am happy to have found Five Brooks to satisfy my innate equestrian.
Mimi G., Granite Bay, CA 01/03/2011
Vanessa did a great job as our guide and the horses were very responsive and friendly. We all had an awesome time! The 2 hour trail ride was beautiful.
Jack V.T. Ft. Yukon, AK/Inverness 12/27/2010
What a great time my girls had today with Scott, our guide! It was the first time my little girls have ever been on a horse and the handler was very patient, courteous, and professional. What fun! Thanks again to Scott and the 5 Brooks. See you soon.
Josh, Modesto, CA 12/21/2010
I had only ridden a horse one other time in my life and wasn't thrilled by the experience. But after bringing my wife, who had ridden many times, to 5 Brooks on our anniversary I would love to ride again and again. I rode Lulu and she rode Paulie. They were very beautiful and let us think we were in charge. Ken was our guide and he was wonderful. The picnic was great, my wife was thrilled with getting a chance to ride again, and I was thrilled with everything. We definitely will be back and have already recommended others to go out. It would be great to see if we could get some of the pictures Ken took.
Dette, Richmond Ca 12/26/2010
I wanted to ride, simple as that, and I got it. The surrounding trails are fantastic, the staff are kind, interested and very helpful. The horses seem well taken care of, and the tack's in good shape. They try and take pictures of you during the ride as a momento, this is a fantastic idea however, two of the three came up blurry, which is an obvious side effect for photo taking on horseback! All in all, four stars, great people.
Warren W., Fairfax. CA 11/8/2010
Five Brooks Ranch, I have been a boarder there now for six years and it is a really good place to be. Andrew the owner is one of the best people I have ever dealt with horses. He has help me with my horse many times, (she can be a hand full). And his staff is also good with the horses as well. I trust them all to do the right things with my horse. I also get to see how they are with the customers that they take out on trail rides and it is impressive to watch them take a scared child and show them how to ride and have fun. The kids usually come back laughing and want to go again. But when you have people like Scott, Vanessa and Tina working for you, you have people that you can truly trust. If I had children, those are the people I would trust to teach them how to ride. If you are ever in the area of Point Reyes National Seashore you should stop and book a ride, you won't be sorry.
Oletha N., Fairfax, CA 11/5/2010
I had a awesome birthday ride on Bowie (the horse..) As a beginner I was a bit nervous at first but our guide Vanessa obviously knew what she was doing and how the horses would behave for the most part.. they kinda got minds of their own. Halfway through the ride I realized Bowie had complete control, but was soo well behaved that he was letting me think I was in charge.. He was such a sweetie-pie. I totally recommend the Five Brooks Stables experience. Vanessa was a great guide.
Ho H., Pacifica, CA 10/12/2010
For my boy's 8th birthday, he wanted to ride, so we took the whole family of 4 for the 2 hour group ride. Beautiful loop trail, healthy happy horses. Pleasant guide. I rode Lulu, a huge (part draft?) all black sweetheart of a horse. Some of the smaller saddle horses were on their second summer ride of the day so they weren't fresh and eager to run or anything, but that was fine by my family as they were not in a hurry or in any way experienced riders. All in all a great experience. There are stables much closer to us in Half Moon Bay, but the horses there look all aged and sad. It was well worth the long but nice drive to Five Brooks for some great riding on well cared for animals.
Ryan D., San Francisco, CA 10/12/2010
Recently took a 3 hour private ride w/ my girlfriend for her birthday. It was great. Guide was friendly and trails were real pretty. I haven't experienced any other horse back riding around SF, but this seems like one of the best.
Steph C., Berkeley, CA 10/12/2010
Just wanted to let you all know that Five Brooks Ranch just emailed me some pictures that Scott took on our ride. I was surprised that I got them so quickly, and that they were able to match my email address with the pictures of my boyfriend and me. What a great experience! My boyfriend and I went for a two-hour group trail ride with Scott today. It was a beautiful ride and lots of fun! I've ridden just a few times before and it was my boyfriend's first time. We both felt very comfortable and safe. The horses were beautiful, well-trained, and seemed like they were treated well. I rode in the front right behind Scott, so I got to talk to him a bit - he is very knowledgeable and funny, and it was clear that he loves his job! I would recommened going for a private ride rather than a group ride - we had to walk (rather than trot) most of the time because some people in the group were concerned about speeding up. I'd love to do the 6-hour ride sometime! Oh, and Scott was training a new horse during our ride - it got a little hairy at times, especially near the cliffs (just for Scott, not for me), but it was fun to see him at work!
Ashton H., Downers Grove, IL 10/10/2010
Five Brook Stables is an excellent way to see the different sites of Point Reyes National Seashore. They offer a variety of rides that feature forested mountain rides and beachy views. I was especially impressed by how attentive the staff was to the horses. They knew they personalities of the horses and how to match them up well with the riders. I had an absolute blast and would highly recommend this activity to all who visit the Point Reyes area.
Catherine O., Oakley, CA 10/10/2010
My daughter and I have our own horses, I have been riding since I was 11 or 12 years old (which was a long time ago) My daughter has been riding for almost 2 years now she takes lessons and ride mostly english so for her this was a different experience (riding western, that is). The area we live in doesn't offer much in the way of trails so we were looking forward to riding through the scenic hills of Olema! We were not disappointed! The trais are beautiful! We Rode for 2 1/2 hours guided by the most friendly, down to earth guy (who's name has slipped my mind at the moment Sorry!) . He knew all about the horses we were riding and the trails as well. He let us choose the pace and was kind enough to take quiteafe pictures of us along the way! (I can't wait to get those!) Overall for the price we paid we were very pleased and in fact plan to go back often. Thanks 5 Books for helping my daugher and I create some wonderful my memories This is her daughter and being at five brook ranch was really great i started riding at 10 years old im 12 now i rode a very well trained hore (i forgot her name) she is almost a pony i recamend her for any one she not a baby sitter she`ll stay behind the horse in front she a lovely hore she rides english too.she has a lot of energy a GREAT gait lope is bumpy at first but it gets smoothert her trot you can sit she is the best horse ive rented so far!
Julia S., Point Reyes Station, CA 10/1/2010
Great fun for the whole family! I can and will recommend this stable to everyone! While my husband stayed back at the ranch with our 4 year old son and did a couple of pony rides, I went with my 7 year old girl on the 1 hour trail ride. Our little group of six riders was professional lead by the guide named Vanessa, who proved to by very friendly and knowledgeable about the nature, the horses and history of the park.(National seashore park). All the horses are very well cared for and perfectly behaved, and sometimes they still try to grass along the way or slow down as they feel like but thats to be expected from a horse anyways:) . We had a blast and sure did enjoy the beauty of the park. Next time we will take a longer ride. Another nice surprise came even few days later, when we received a few pictures from our trail- and pony rides on our email taken by the staff at Five Brooks. We'll give Five Brooks Ranch Two Thumbs Up!!!!
LeeAnn W., Petaluma, CA 9/30/2010
February 2006 I became a sponsor at Five brooks Ranch, it has, and still is, one of the best experiences in my life. When I was a kid I had a Liver-Chestnut Morgan gelding with a flaxen mane and tail, his name was Sundance. I raced barrels, was a member of the Petaluma Junior Riding Club, that horse would do anything I asked. He was my best friend in the whole world. When my parents sold him, I was devestated. I didn't have anything to do with horses for 20 years after that. Then I became a Five brooks sponsor. They connected me with a Liver-Chestnut Morgan mare with a flaxen mane and tail, her name is Ginger. Ginger and I have been all over those beautiful trails out there. The beach, Bass Lake, Bear Valley and alot in between. Since then, I bought my own horse but, Ginger has my heart and I have hers, as she nickers and meets me right at the gate before I even get out of my car whenever I go to visit her. I also volunteer out there from time to time and just love it. All their horses have such great personalities, like Paulie,, whenever you can't find him, look in the hay barn and that's where he'll be. Or Dusty, taking the duster off the fence with his teeth, running around the corral scaring all the horses including himself!! What a histerical sight that was. Andrew, Tina and all the Five brooks team have been like my family.
Becky L., Castro Valley, CA 9/29/2010
I have ridden horses all my life and had to sell my horse after having kids. It's been 18yrs since that day. After riding recently at stables in Pismo Beach and Half Moon Bay, I decided to sponsor a horse with Five Brooks Stables. This stable is very well run, much better than the other stables we tried. They matched my beginner boyfriend and I (advanced) with horses that were perfect for both our levels. Barb our trail guide was very entertaining and accommodating. The trails are shaded with lots of greenery. I'm looking forward to bringing my kids and friends as well.
Derrick A., Castro Valley, CA 9/29/2010
AWESOME!!!! I am a beginner to horseback riding. I have previously rode horses in Half Moon Bay and Pismo Beach and have to say that Five Brooks is by far the best. I went with my girlfriend who has previously owned horses and is an advanced rider and our trail guide was Barb who was great. I cannot say enough how great this ride was. Unlike the other locations I have been to I felt that I was actually horseback riding and not just playing follow the leader at a slow pace. My Girlfriend enjoyed herself so much that she went back two days later to sponsor a horse and I cannot wait to go back. I will recommend Five Brooks Stables to everyone I know. AWESOME!!!!
Dennis P., San Rafael, CA 9/29/2010
I have been a customer of Five Brooks for over twelve years. I sponsored a horse every month for many years and now I own and board my horse at Five Brooks. This inspired me to write a book with my horse about the trails entitled Riding the Pt.Reyes Equestrian Trails.Five Brooks is a great place to trail ride, board or sponsor a horse. You have access to this magnificent park which includes beaches, ocean views, lakes and much more. Dennis Portnoy
Birgitte H., Olema, CA 9/28/2010
When I came I was a bit nervous because I once fell of a horse when I was a child and I have not ridden since. But I wanted to go for a horse ride and some friends did recommend this place to me. Before we did go riding one of the guides, Tina, carefully considered which horses would fit together on this specific trip and also who should ride which horse. They really know their horses and how they react on different things. The horses are well trained, so they were easy to control for a beginner like me. My horse was named Dusty. I would definitely recommend this ranch. The atmosphere is so good and it is such a beautiful place to go horse riding in. Warren was a good and patient guide. I'm already planning my next trip. - Birgitte Vang (Denmark)
Ravissement F., Berkeley, CA 9/27/2010
I have done several trail rides with this stables and each one has been terrific. The guide Scott was great this past weekend. (All the guides have been nice to me and my friends.) The trails are stunningly beautiful and my horses have been perfect for me. I love the no-fanfare atmosphere at the stables, which allows me to concentrate on what I go there for - to ride a horse up and down the hills in the most beautiful place on earth. I agree with what other reviewers have said, prepare yourself for a memorable time!
Mike M., Vallejo, CA 9/24/2010
What a great time I and my daughter had at Five Brooks. The drive up was awesome, and the stables were well run. Our guide, Vanessa, was extremely friendly and helpful. She obviously sized us up quickly (I have ridden alot but intermittently, and my daughter is advanced) and adjusted our ride to ensure we were both very satisfied. We did the 3 hr ride and for most of it we were in beautiful forested areas. On the far side of the crest we caught great glimpses of the ocean and some sunny spots. Vanessa checked in alot to see if we wanted to gallop/canter at certain spots and was both talktaive when we were and also sensitive enough to allow us to just enjoy the scenery and solitude. Thanks, gurl! She also took some pictures and emailed them, which was a nice touch. I rode Houdina who was sweet, very obediant (a follower, definately) but willing to get up and run. My daughter rode Paulie, who she said was a card (definite personality) and lackadaisical until he saw he was lagging behind, then thought OMG I Need To Catch Up! and gave a great ride. We would definitely return and would recommend Five Brooks for all levels of rider.
Roger S., Sebastopol, CA 9/23/2010
My wife and I visited the Point Reyes National Seashore recently. We intended to ride our bicycles in the park. We paused for a brief rest after three hours of peddling and my wife could see that I had had enough. She looked at me and said, "I've got an idea. I've heard of a place near here that offers guided trail rides on horseback. What do you think?". I thought to myself, WOW a bicycle with no peddles to pump. I said, "let's give 'em a call". We contacted Five Brooks Stable and booked a 2 hour trail ride for that very afternoon. We packed up our bikes and headed out in the car for the stable location which was only minutes away. It was easy to find and there was ample parking. We signed in and were offered the use of helmets which I declined. We were then teamed up with a delightful group of four other folks who had also made reservations. We were introduced to the horses that we were to use and then mounted up. Each rider in the group received personalized instruction on how to control the horse. How to make them go, stop and turn. Our guide introduced himself and off we went. What an incredible experience. I felt like I was part of a special team, my horse and me. We were quickly becoming friends. Our trail guide was most helpful and informative. He gave me personal instruction whenever he noticed that I needed a little coaching and he was more than willing to take the time to answer any crazy question I came up with. The horses were well trained and obviously well cared for. They were happy and it showed. Communing with nature in this way, was a new and exciting experience for me, that I will never forget. The scenery was splendid and varied as the trail ride proceeded. We did our share of trotting which was kind of bouncy, but then bicycles don't trot, and this horse didn't have peddles, that was a fair trade in my opinion. Trying to describe this experience is like trying to describe the taste of a certain wine that no one has tasted. You have to experience it to truly grasp it. Suffice it to say that I felt like I was getting back to my roots with my new found four-legged friend. I actually regretted it when the ride was coming to an end. I felt so relaxed, at ease and yet invigorated. I highly recommend a visit to Five Brooks Stable and will be back to visit my new friend again soon.
Nancy G., Vallejo, CA 9/21/2010
I have never ridden a horse. I went with my boyfriend, it was his first time also. We had so much fun we said we'd go there again. I was also nervous because it was my first time our guide(Vanessa) was very helpful and we would definetly go again the horses are so beautiful. The scene is so nice it's like your somewhere completly different.
Tiffany D., SC 9/21/2010
Phenomenal! The drive in to this gem is already enough to cement the day in your "best days ever" memory banks. As a total beginner, i was very nervous about being comfortable with whoever our guide was to be. Scott showed up and instantly quelled my fears. He was laid back and funny, but in charge and assertive with the horses. The most redeeming quality was his obvious love and understanding of each individual animal. He knew what they would do before they did it. At one point he actually said, "ok, he's gonna do that two more times before he gives up". Sure enough, Harley tried to nibble a specific plant twice more, then stopped. He really knew his stuff and hooked me for life. He and Lucy(his beautiful arabian) are the perfect team. We're planning a trip back in the spring. Thanks Scott! Henry B(ward) charleston, sc
Bryan B., San Francisco, CA 9/15/2010
I've never ridden a horse before. A pony at the fair does not count. When filling out the waiver, we were asked to state our horse-riding experience. While the rest of my group wrote "B" for Beginniner, I wanted to write "S" for Screwed. Needless to say, when I mounted my tank of a horse named Samson and my group of five headed on the trail for our two-hour ride, I was nervous. However, our tour guide Scott was amazingly patient, informative, and most importantly, humorous. Honestly, if you can't laugh at the unpredictable antics of another creature, then maybe you shouldn't be riding horses. The trail itself was mostly in the shade and rather relaxing. Scott asked if we wanted to be brave and attempt to get to the top of our trail, which would mean more 'trotting' instead of slow walking. Feeling at ease and a bit adventurous, we chose the faster pace, which we all rather enjoyed. I think that the horses at the stable are treated nicely, and that the entire staff wants each of its patrons to enjoy their ride. Plus, the guides will (attempt to) take pictures of your party on the trail, so you'll have some in-action photographic memories. I wonder when I get back in the saddle.. PS-- You WILL be sore the day after.. I promise.
Kristin F., Danville, CA 9/14/2010
Just celebrated my 40th with a lively ride in beautiful country! Our guide, Scott, was fun & adventurous and Five Brooks really wanted to make it just the experience we were looking for - real horseback riding! They get the balance of safe yet exhilarating - thank you!!
Cookies G., San Francisco, CA 5/24/2009
We enjoyed the two hour guided group ride today. The horses were well trained, behaved and gentle. They seem to be treated well - no fighting between the horses and and they were quite obedient. The trails itself was nice. It's mostly shaded, which is perfect for the summer. The trail is quite dry/dusty, so a ton of dust kicks up from the horses. Not that pleasant if you're allergic to dust. The last part of the ride goes through a meadow, which is nice for a change of scenery and terrain. The horses go at a fairly slow pace, perfect for beginners. They let the horse trot, if you chose to do so. Super fun. If I were to do this again, I'd pay extra for the private ride and go at a faster pace. Lots of fun! I'd recommend this to anyone!
Cornelia P., Lagunitas-Forest Knolls, CA 1/29/2010
I really love Five Brooks Stables! I've been taking trail riding lessons there once a week for over a year. I started as a middle-aged beginner and can ride well enough now to take horseback trips to the Sierra and even take a horse out by myself on the trails. I have found the guides and owners to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced about horses and riding. They have been patient and understanding with my slow learning pace. I was on one ride with a young girl who was terrified and in tears, the guide (Adam) spent the whole time talking to her and enabled her to ride all the way back to the barn. The horses appear well cared for, shoed every week on Friday as needed, and get to run free in a large pasture every night. They get to interact in a large herd on not be cooped up in a stall alone every day. The best thing about Five Brooks is the access to miles and miles of uncrowded trails in the Point Reyes National Seashore - its hard to find such beautiful riding anywhere else in the Bay Area. One caveat - horse riding can be risky. Horses can be fearful, temperamental, and just plain have a bad day - kind of like people.. Riding (especially trotting) is by nature "bouncy" and can make you sore. Horses are not machines - they are animals, each with his or her own unique personality. Most rides are great, but like anything else you might have an occasional rough one. I always wear a helmet for safety. Bring a jacket, wear long pants, and sturdy shoes or boots and gloves if you have some. Overall, I think this is a great place to go for a one-time trail ride or to learn about horses and how to ride them.
Andrea B., Vallejo, CA 12/7/2009
I love Pt. Reyes and I've always wanted to check out Five Brooks, but I've never had the chance. Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with a trip out there, and it's officially one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I grew up around horses and Five Brooks is a true horse place. My boyfriend hates horses but his mount (Houdina) was perfect for him - very sedate. I ended up on Lulu, a gorgeous draft horse who is not a good ride for beginners (if you visit, and someone in your group gets Lulu, make sure you ask for another horse if you're not an intermediate rider. Lulu will ignore you if she wants; she's very sweet but needs firm handling) but a lot of fun if you're willing to boss her around. We took the picnic ride, which wound us up through the mountains on a nice, broad trail. The guide let us trot, something other trail places haven't let me do in the past, and I can officially say I've posted on a Belgian Draft! Very cool. They packed us a picnic lunch that was from a nearby deli, very fresh and healthy - gluten free brownies! - and it was wonderful, watching deer graze nearby in the green grass. Our guide was even kind enough to give us some privacy, which I thought was odd until my boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed! (Hence the memorable aspect.) Our guide, Jean, was a sweet guy who made conversation and wasn't afraid to celebrate with us, post-proposal. After lunch we meandered back to the stables - it was nice, not having to ride another 45 minutes on a full stomach. I recommend Five Brooks to anyone who wants to experience western horseback riding in the amazing beauty of Pt. Reyes, and who doesn't want a boring ride.
Kaitlyn G., San Francisco, CA 4/27/2009
Friend: "You're walking like you've been riding a horse.. must have been one hell of a weekend." [mischievous smirk]. Me: "That's because I was. [naughty smile]. His name was Danny, he was tall, with auburn hair, brown eyes, a Mohawk, and a saddle that was- indeed- 'waitin' for me'. hahah." Friend: [mouth open, brow raised]. "OMG! Where did you meet him??!" Me: [laughing] "I was riding a real horse; not the usual metaphoric 2 legged version; but a real, hairy, hoofed, 4 legged horse complete with mane, tail, saddle, and stirrups." Friend: [not enthused by my lack of promiscuity- huffs and walks away]. Five Brooks was amazing! I hadn't been on a horse in about 7 years and was bubbling with excitement when asked out on a hot date to go horseback riding. The drive there was GORGEOUS! (despite my date's white knuckling as I zipped around hair pin turns on HWY-1). Pros: The trail was pretty (a nice change of pace from San Francisco), my horse "Danny" was pretty cool (he tried to buck me off once, but I lived), and the trail guide played photographer mid-way through the ride so we had some cute pictures together (will post soon). Cons: Our group had a mix of horses that were apparently on different pages. "Dancer" was practically comatose and didn't want to walk (let alone canter) and "Lulu" was like Ricky Bobby from Talladega nights "I wanna go fast!!!"... If I had it my way we would have nixed Dancer from the group and picked up the pace a bit. Overall- very happy with my experience at Five Brooks. Wear a light jacket if you go- it gets cold in the shade of the trees. Also, If you're a woman, wear a sports bra- the ride gets bouncy. :-)
DJ Willow, Berkeley, CA 9/31/2009
I've driven past the sign for this place for years, and thought, hummm, that looks like FUN. So, I finally logged onto their website to see what they had to offer. My man had a birthday coming up and I wanted to really make it special for him. I surfed their site for a bit, but decided to go take a peek for myself. I drove out to their stables and found the staff to be very helpful and friendly. I booked a private picnic ride. It's a two and a half hour ride in which they pack a picnic lunch for you. How romantic, I thought. The only trick was to keep it a suprise. We spent the previous night at Manka's Lodge in Inverness. I told him over dinner that I had a suprise for him the next day. He was dying to know what it was. As we sat and had breakfast on the porch of Manka's Cabin. I spilled the beans that we were to go horseback riding. He looked shocked. "Really?" He said, "I haven't been on a horse in years." Nor have I but horses are such magnificent creatures. I was sure we were going to have a ball. We showed up and signed a waiver, opted not to wear helmets in which they provide and then saddled up! The horse I rode was a *cute* brown one named Denny, my man was on a dashing black and white horse named Pauli. They were both very well behaived. Our tour guide was very nice and mellow, I asked him a few questions. such as how long have you been working here and where are you from. I was impressed to find out that he has worked at Five Brooks for 10 years! I thought, this has to be a great place if the staff sticks around that long. Our picnic lunch was simple. We had deli sandwiches with chips, pasta salad, potato salad, and apples. We stopped at a grassy knoll at the top of the ridge. It was so quiet up there on the ridge and the air was so fresh it had the aroma of bay trees. It was divine! My man said he had the best birthday ever! I don't know how I'll top this next year.
Dee L., San Jose, CA 12/8/2008
This was my first time horse riding. My friend invited me to go and I dived in. This place has guided horse riding trails for a very reasonable price 1hr- $40 2hr- $60 3hr- $100 6hr- $180 each hour set has it's own trail We did the 2hr fir top trail. Greeted by horses, naturesque trees and friendly ranchers. Our horses were Hodina, Dancer and Spider. I was assigned Dancer. The workers helped us saddle on the horses and off we went. So the first half of the ride Dancer was consistently 6ft behind the guide Adam and Spider was all up on Dancer's behind. And whenever Dancer stopped Spider would stop. Being a noob I really didn't know what to expect and horses can tell if you know what the hell you are doing. Hence Dancer would stop in the middle of the trail and go 'eh, dun feel like walking and just stop.' It went to the point where Adam had to take Dancer's reins and pull him along like a 5yr old on a leash. We did some trotting and boy was I on bouncemania. The trail was very serene. It's a nice change from hiking. Here I was riding through nature. Very lush and green area even this time of the year. Besides observing by surroundings, in the back of my mind I kept saying 'dont buck me off, don't buck me off Dancer.' Half way through the trail, the guide let go of the reins and I had to use a stick to keep Dancer going otherwise we'd probably still be there. Me kicking him and talking to her wasn't enough to nudge her--only with a stick did she got her act together. I enjoyed myself very much. It's great getaway if you cannot afford a vacation to Australia. Fairly good trail. 2 hours is a good starting point, not too short and not too long. Pointers: if the horse stops, well he's taking a crap. If you hear belching, well he's farting. If the ears pull back, he wants space. Warning: They have bathrooms here however use the bathroom before you come here. self explanatory.
Steven K., Brooklyn, NY 5/26/2008
This place is great! Perfect for a weekend getaway! Riding horses along the trails is a nice escape from the city; calming. The horses are well trained & friendly, and the rides are nice because there is a limited number of people on each ride. Based on who takes you out for the ride certain things will vary, our guy was pretty cool and he let us do a lot of trotting-which was a blast! There is also a variety of rides you can choose from, just make sure to call ahead and get reservations (especially on the weekends). So, pick up the phone and get ready to saddle up!
Dee H., Oakland, CA 5/25/2008
We went to Five Brooks as absolute horse-riding beginners. When we arrived we were asked to fill out a form and then wait. When the horses from the previous session came back, we were asked to immediately mount them. It seemed like it was big rush to get us all up on our horses and out of there. We weren't told clearly how to mount the horse, or how to control/handle it except for a brief (less than 1 minute) description on kicking the horse's side to move and pulling the reigns to whichever side you need the horse to turn. That was it. There were a total of about 15 people there, of varying abilities. We were split, seemingly randomly, into two groups and off we went. Things were going ok as the horses seemed pretty calm and walked slowly, until we reached a point on the trail where there were some wild cats making lots of noises (like screaming/hissing) up in the trees on the hill. Our guide stopped and all of us following behind her stopped too but the horses were spooked. And, our guide panicked! As a guide, I think she really needs to stay calm in such a situation. The horses started to walk backwards into each other and my friend's horse moved terribly close to the steep edge, and we all had no idea what to do. Our guide finally asked us to turn our horses around, but my horse was not following what I was trying to get him to do, so I asked the guide how exactly to get the horse to turn and she snapped at me (flustered and afraid) to "JUST TURN HIM AROUND!". Ok, how do "instructions" like that help? I was expecting something like "pull the right reign more", or "do this more firmly", or something to that extent... Eventually my horse followed another horse in front and we all got turned around and we went back to our starting point, where our guide left and another guide took us on the trail for the remaining time. At the end of the ride, there was no mention or apology about the incident that had happened. Even if the incident had not happened, I feel that the staff were distant and were just there to do their job -- not much interest in the customers, not much interest in the horses, just there getting as many customers in and out of the stables as quickly as possible. Avoid Five Brooks especially if you are a beginner.
K M., San Francisco, CA 5/19/2008
After accidentally taking a detour on my Fairfax/Java Hut ride which took me down Sir Francis Drake over to Pt Reyes and then down Stinson Beach - a bit out of the way, you might say - I found Five Brooks Stables and made a mental note to take my horse aficionado better half there some day. Fast-forward many months and the time comes that we are in need of a day trip and break from the hecticity of life. Time for a trail ride! From the initial reservations to the Rose-led adventure, Five Brooks was a pleasure to deal with. The ride was led with minimal instruction, yet help was given as needed and asked for. We had a mixed ability group, with first timers and regular riders alike, yet Rose was able to keep everyone entertained and happy on their horses. I'm told Five Brooks is Western-style riding, which would explain why I was so unused to the wider saddle and stirrup position. My previous experience many moons ago was English style, with a narrower saddle and higher stirrups. Just a note for the more serious riders considering a visit.
GS M., Berkeley, CA 4/01/2008
We went on a day-trip to Point Reyes and decided to go horse back riding. fyi - I have no experience riding horses. We called to reserve the day before. The 3 hour was already full, so I think this place is quite popular. We rode the 2 hour fir tree trail, which was a peaceful path in the woods. It was wonderful. There were two of us and we rode with 4 other people in the group + the guide. The horses looked happy (although I can't claim to be an expert). The horses were all well-trained, knew the path well and to follow each other. We didn't reach any sort of look out point, but maybe that's because we were traveling a little slower than usual since the level of the group is determined by the least experienced. Highly recommended!
LiZANN S., San Francisco, CA 10/8/2007
For a birthday gift my boyfriend took me to Five Brooks after reviewing all of the surrounding stables nearby our home ( San Francisco area). We arrived about three minutes too late for the last ride ( 4pm ) and they denied us from our trip, FINE! We drove out the very next day and arrived ready to go on the hour long trail ride ( $40 per person ). I explained I have ZERO experience with horses so i would like a mellow horse to mount. I was given one of the friskiest horse, whom bit two of the group's horses at the count of FIVE TIMES. I then knew I had to grab my balls and start getting tough with him. I was a scary experience to be given a pissy horse, but at the same time I left the stables feeling very accomplished that I was able to control the rest of the ride. I would go back to those stables again, the horses were well maintained and appeared to be and felt clean. I also will remember to ride closer to the front to avoid dust, and STRETCH before the ride!
Jeannie L., Fairfax, VA 7/15/2006
The trail ride here through Point Reyes National Park was so rejuvenating. During your one hour trail ride, you feel totally removed from the rest of the world as you emerge yourself in the mystical woods, where you hear birds chirp, crickets sing, and running waterfalls. Now about the horses.... The horses here look pretty well treated unlike what I've heard about Sea Ranch by Half Moon Bay. Each horse has its own personality. Some are lazy and some are high strong. My horse, Utah, always strived to be the leader, and this meant A LOT of trotting. So, be sure to tell the ranch what type of horse you are looking for.

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