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Each rider uses one line each and enters their name, home phone number, how you heard about us and type of rider. Fill out just those 4 columns only. Leave all others blank. Your choices of type of rider are:

B = Beginner - From first time on a horse through a person who used to ride, but hasn't in some time. Also anyone who rides infrequently or who has ridden but not very much.

I = Intermediate - One who rides regularly, at least once a month. This rider is comfortable at all gates of a horse including a gallop at full speed for extended distances. Remember that gallop is the fastest rate that a horse can travel. It is approximately 40 miles per hour.

A = Advanced - One who rides horses weekly, and probably has had extensive training. This rider is very accomplished and probably competes in events like jumping.


Each rider must fill out a single sheet. Please circle only one level of rider ability. Each rider should sign and date their own form. For those under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must also sign. In addition, please remember to print your name and address in the spaces provided.NOTE: Please have each rider wear long pants and stout shoes or boots (tennis shoes or hiking boots are acceptable examples). Open toed footwear is not permitted. Helmets are recommended. Many riders choose to bring along their personal bicycle helmets.

Cancellation Information: You can cancel the ride up until 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, at no cost, simply by notifying us by phone. If you cancel the ride or reduce the rider count in the two hour time period prior to the ride departure, then we must charge a 50% cancellation fee for all of the rider who do not appear. If some or all of the riders do not appear for the ride without proper notification, then we must charge a 100% cancellation fee.